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Types of Cisco Devices

networking cisco

There are a number of Cisco devices that you will encounter every day, whether you are using a home network or an office network. Each device is designed for a very special purpose, and they are deployed according to the need and requirements of the network. For this reason, you might think that all Cisco devices in a particular series are alike and are replicable, but that is simply not true. All devices are unique and serve the dedicated purpose of the network. A brief description of Cisco devices and their usage is given as under:

1. Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches

Unlike the simply switched that you would have encountered in the local area networks, these switches are designed for the purpose of connecting the virtual devices in a circuit. For example, a website cannot define the number of users that will be connected to the server at any single time. A rough estimation is taken at such instances and then virtual connections are setup. These connections basically do not exist until any host network will ask for the request to connect. It is the function of the switch to transform the virtually made network into a real network now and assign a definite frequency value to the host network. CiscoNexus switches are used for these purposes, and cannot be replaced by ordinary switches.

2. Cisco 800 Series Routers

For small but fast networks, you might to reluctant to setup large networks that will cost you a high dollar. if you want a dedicate network connection then you will have to ask for a dedicated line and it will cost you a great sum depending on the speed and data sharing limit. Use of the Cisco 800 Series Routers is a very efficient alternative as it is especially designed to serve networking purposes of small host networks. The use of this Cisco device will enable all users in the network to share voice, video or other data speedily to the other computer or device. These routers are particular useful for mobile GPRS networks.

3. Cisco StackPower Device

If you are operating a widely spread network of users, then it is very likely that you will have deployed more than one switches. The bigger the user network, the more will be the number of switches, and each switch will require a separate power supply. This is one great frustration from the user end as many switches differ in terms of their power input requirement. As the model changes, many of the input and output ratings are changed and it is the user who has to take care of all that. Taking use of Cisco StackPower device will save you from the tensions of using separate power supplies for all your switches. The StackPower device is connected directly to the voltage input, i.e. the main power lines and then switches are given power input from StackPower. This Cisco device needs to be programmed so that its each output terminal gives a desired voltage value, as per the input rating of the switch.

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1 Comment

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