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Turn Social Media Into A Money-Making And Life Changing Avenue

You are worried about the time you spend on social media. It is eating into your productivity and leaving a huge phone bill behind, but you are getting nothing out of it. You are even contemplating closing all your accounts and getting out while you still can.

While it is true that social media eats into your time, leaving will not solve your time management concerns. It all depends on how you direct your mind. Unfortunately, time management is not like writing where you can walk up to a reputable SEO services provider and demand that they help your site rank better on Google. The brain requires tender love and care to evolve and reach peak productivity.

So, how can you use social media for good?

  • Rally Behind A Cause

When was the last time you did a good deed without charging? The world is full people in need, whether in your country or from the neighbors. Being that you are always on social media, you may be seeing some of them. Why not create awareness on your page and start something that could change lives? You could raise college fees for kids who would otherwise not get the chance to educate themselves or buy sanitary towels for kids in developing countries. You would be surprised at the generosity of your followers.

  • Organize A Food Drive

The shelter for the homeless that you see on your way home could use some food and clothing. How about raising that issue with the thousands of your followers? You could find a creative way of tugging hearts by doing a video with administrators of the shelter in it, or even including some of the homeless people. If you let them do the talking, you will be surprised at how many hearts you video will touch.

It does not have to be about money all the time, but hey, bills have to be paid, no?

  • Affiliate Marketing

You can choose to do affiliate marketing. If you have a massive following and you are active all the time, why not get paid for that? You can approach a few companies who deal in the kind of goods that would attract your following, and then market their products or services for them.

Of course, integrity demands that you test the products yourself and only recommend those that work well for you. You’ll be paid a commission for every sale that comes through your marketing link.

  • Sponsored Posts

Unlike affiliate posts, you are paid a flat rate for each sponsored post. Again, you may as well put your multitude of followers and influence on social media to good use. For instance, you will post a photo of yourself eating a bowl of cereal from a particular company, and then say something positive about them, and your experience with the cereal. Just like that, you earn some dollars.

Give A Voice To The Voiceless

The possibilities here are endless. Tag your destinations when you travel and take photos, sell them online. Talk about depression and open a forum for people to share. In not time, you will be using your time on social media for good.

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