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Transforming Education with Technology

Almost every aspect of the human life has been affected by technology. Therefore, education is not an exception. In some way, education seems much the same as it has been for the past many years. When we look at a modern lecture hall, there are many differences noted when you compare it to the traditional lecture halls. Because a modern lecture hall is equipped with technological advancements, it is paralleled to the traditional days.

While students sit in rows and listen, the teacher lectures from the podium at the front. For some students, they appear to be following by having books at their desks. Some students appeared bored while others were sleeping. Today classrooms are not any different. However, modern students will appear looking at their smartphones, laptops, and tablets instead of books. S cynic would say that technology has not changed education.

Technology has profoundly affected education in many conspicuous ways. For one, it has greatly expanded education access. In the ancient times, books were rare. For this reason, only the elite had access to them. Individuals had to travel to access education at learning centers and institutions. Today, huge amounts of information (audio, video, books, and images) are available through the internet technology. Moreover, formal learning opportunities are now available online through Course Hero, podcasts, MOOCs, and many other platforms. What is course hero? It is the access to education opportunities paralleled with technology.

Collaboration and communication opportunities have had a significant expansion of technology. Traditionally, classrooms are always isolated. For this reason, collaboration is limited to other students within the same building or classroom. For instance, students in a rural classroom have the capability to learn about Arctic by following the team of scientist’s in the locality, reading posts, e-mailing questions to the scientists, viewing photos, reading science blog posts, and even video conferencing with the scientists. Students can learn with other students in another geographical location through technology. For those who have group projects, they can use technology to collaborate such as Google Docs and Wikis. Because technology enables working collaboratively, communication, and learning, the classroom walls are no longer a barrier.

Technology has also started shaping the role of learners and teachers. In a traditional classroom, the primary source of information is the teacher. For this reason, the learners will passively take in what the teacher says without question. The model whereby the teacher is at the stage of the class has been in the education system for the longest time possible. In a modern classroom, the role of the teacher is to guide the students through using technology as their primary learning source. Because the action of education is centered in technology, the teacher will always get an opportunity to act in a manner that depicts the olden way of education. Students will, therefore, take the responsibility to learn through the use of technology and gather relevant educational information. Universities and schools across the country are beginning to design new learning spaces equipped with technology. Modern technological advancements in education are here to foster group-work interaction and the use of technology as the main source of information.

For education to be supported and transformed, the most influential tool to be used is technology. Technology makes it easier for teachers to create instructional memories for students to gain. They will also create instructional material to enable learners to get new learning ways by working together. With the ubiquity of small devices and the reach of the Internet, a new age of anything-anywhere in education is about to dawn. It will be up to the educational technologies and instructional designers to redesign education so that efficient and effective education is readily available to everyone at any time.

You can also help influence educational technology by accepting the fact that technology is changing education for the better. Instead of using one educational technology platform, students are increasingly savvy about exploiting the benefits of technology to enrich themselves with information.

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Dennis Hung is an entrepreneur and product analyst specializing in mobile technology and IoT. He’s spent most of his career consulting for businesses in North America.

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