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Transferring Sites Between Hosts? Here’s Your Checklist

It is possible you are not having the best time selecting the most excellent web host. You need to know the right company to choose with great features that meet your needs. Essentially, you must know what makes a web host a good choice, storage features and bandwidth provided as well as the type of hosting solution to stick with. Getting these answers should not be hard especially if you have a checklist.

Personal Hosting Needs

If you have no idea what exactly you need in web hosting, you will never find the right host. Critically, think about your own requirements and pressing hosting needs such as the type of website or blog you are creating, whether windows applications are required, special software version requirement such as PHP and how small or big the volume of web traffic should go. These basic questions should help you get started and come up with a plan that fits your site while figuring what it will be like in the next one year.

For those starting in the world of blogging and website hosting, the general rule is starting small and going for shared hosting solutions first. With an affordable shared-hosting account, you will find it is very easy to maintain and the best for a new site. Nonetheless, with shared hosting, there is always the opportunity to upgrade to a dedicated or VPS hosting later on as the blog or website grows.

Server Uptime

You will find that having a web host who operates 24/7 is the most important thing. A host operating on stable network connections and powerful servers should be what you are looking for with an up-time score of 99.5 percent being the recommended level. In other words, if the server up-time is below 99 percent, it is unacceptable. You can get web host information on up-time in a number of ways; hosting reviews, free server monitoring tools and through forums.

Multiple Domains

Since domain names are so cheap today you might own a couple of them. Many webmasters today own lots of domain names and hosting these domains require additional hosting space. As a result of this ever increasing need to host your domains, you should get an hosting account with features that allow you to add multiple domains. The general pattern among hosting companies is allowing you about 25 additional domains in a single account, although this could change. Prior to making a purchase, ensure you have looked into the capacity of the domain in place.

Options In Server Upgrades

You will find that shared web host currently is quite powerful. Generally, the right shared hosting plan should be capable of supporting a WordPress blog with proper optimization, perhaps with a minimum of 30,000 unique visitors every month. You know you are doing fine on a shared host if you are able to limit concurrent connections to a database to less than 20, the reason you should always begin with shared-hosting plans especially if you are a newbie.

Look at the TOS of the web host before you sign up to ensure that renewal prices do not become an unpleasant surprise.

Gary is a Network Engineer with specialization in Linux Administration. He occasionally writes blog posts on his blog about latest trends in web hosting. One such trend is bitcoin shared hosting which uses the new E-Currency to buy web hosting.

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