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Trailer Safety Tips | Everything You Need to Know About Trailer Lights

The lights on your trailer are an often overlooked but incredibly important feature. To help you fully understand, this guide on trailer safety tips will tell you everything you must know about trailer lights.

If you’re a trailer owner, you know how amazing these versatile workhorses are. Whether you need to transport equipment for your business or haul your stuff for a move across town, you can always find the right trailer rental for the job. As an owner, you must also know the importance of following trailer safety tips when towing one behind your truck. When a trailer is well-kept and everything works fine, towing it is safer. To safely tow a trailer, you must also ensure its lights work properly.

Granted, it is a basic thing. Still, many trailer owners forget the importance of functioning trailer lights. Whether it is your own or you rent a trailer, you cannot tow it unless its lights work fine. It doesn’t matter if the trailer works fine otherwise. If its lights do not work, other drivers cannot know what you intend to do. Whether you are braking, changing lanes, turning, or reversing, your trailer’s lights tell other motorists and warn them. If

Whether you’re a new or experienced driver, this guide on trailer safety tips will tell you everything you must know about trailer lights. From the importance of trailer lights to why you should consider installing LED trailer lights, we’ll cover everything.

Guide on Trailer Safety Tips | Why You Must Have Functioning Trailer Lights

Do you think you should ever drive your truck if its lights don’t work? Besides the obvious legal issue, you know it is also dangerous. When on the road, your trailer’s lights are essential to safe towing. Whether you are turning, changing lanes, or braking, other motorists can only know if your trailer’s lights tell them. When driving with a trailer in tow, your overall vehicle is heavier, longer, and possibly wider. Since it is harder to control and difficult to see around you, you must ensure others can see you and what you plan to do.

Suppose the lights on your trailer broke, and you went on a trip without replacing them. If you must stop suddenly and slam on the brakes at high speed, the motorists behind you might realize it before it is too late. When you apply brakes, functioning brake lights give others a fair warning at a reasonable time. The same is the case when turning or changing lanes.

Besides signaling others, trailer lights are also essential to be visible to other motorists. When driving at night or when it gets dark, your trailer’s lights will ensure that other motorists can see you. Since you should drive slower when pulling a trailer, being visible to other drivers is crucial.

Guide on Trailer Safety Tips | What Type of Trailer Lights You Should Install on Your Trailer

Since trailer lights come in various shapes, sizes, and types, you need to determine what will work better for you. Before we look at the different trailer lights you can install, let’s do a quick overview of the basics of trailer lights.

A trailer must have at least two red lights to indicate braking, two orange turn signal lights, and white reverse signal lights. If your trailer features a license plate, it should also have lights to highlight the plates.

With most trailers, you will see incandescent bulbs in their trailer lights. However, LED trailer lights are becoming increasingly popular. While incandescent bulbs do the job, they are prone to failure. From burning out too quickly to breaking at the slightest jolt, traditional trailer lights bother trailer owners a lot. Granted, they are cheaper. Still, the inconvenience does not make it worth the money you save.

When shopping for LED trailer lights, you can choose lightboards or LED clusters. Lightboards are an excellent option, and you can see them quite often. These lightboards have all the lights your trailer needs in a pair of two single units. While wiring these can be a hassle, LED lightboards last long and do not need constant replacements.

For easier installation and more convenience, you can choose LED trailer light clusters. These cluster lights are similar to lightboards, but the LEDs are in a sealed and waterproof unit. Whether you have a boat trailer you submerge in the water or any other type to tow through torrential rain, you can rest assured your trailer lights will not burn out. With easier wiring to manage, they can be a more convenient option.

Guide on Trailer Safety Tips | The Benefits of LED Trailer Lights

If you have a larger trailer, getting cluster LED lights can be a better fit. If yours is a smaller trailer, a lightboard will do just fine. Depending on the trailer type, you can even get removable trailer lights. LED trailer lights offer you several advantages over traditional trailer lights. This section of the guide on trailer safety tips will tell you why you should install LED trailer lights.

Since the lights are sealed, you can count on them to keep working through all driving conditions. LED lights are known for being energy efficient. LED lights can last much longer than incandescent bulbs. While specific models can differ, most LED trailer lights have a service life of up to 100,000 hours. With incandescent bulbs, you will be lucky if they last 3,000 hours without burning up.

Guide on Trailer Safety Tips | How to Turn Your Well-Maintained Trailer Into a Money-Making Machine

As an owner, you are also aware of how expensive it is to own a trailer. Between replacing its damaged parts and overall repair and maintenance, you can rack up quite a bill with your trailer. Suppose you don’t need to haul cargo on your trailer daily. When you don’t use it, it probably sits on your property doing little more than collecting dust. If it lies around for weeks on end, you’re missing out on the opportunity to earn money.

Since they are expensive, not every individual or business buys a trailer. When they need hauling capacity, many people get a trailer rental to get the job done. If yours is available most of the time, you can help those people and businesses and earn money while doing nothing. Renting out your trailer can help you earn anywhere between $150 to $200 per day in rental income. With the launch of the Neighbors Trailer app for owners, getting bookings for your trailer rental will not be a problem.

Neighbors Trailer is America’s premier P2P trailer rental marketplace. With the Neighbors Trailer app for Owners, you can easily sign up, list your trailer, and earn money today. If interested, the app is free and available for all iOS and Android devices. Download it today and join the Neighbors Trailer community.

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