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Top SaaS products for Managing and Generating Leads

Lead generation is a must-have for every business, regardless of its size and industry. However established your company is, without lead generation, your business won’t thrive. The flashy advertisement and aggressive business pitch that attracted customers a few years won’t work with the new conscious customers. So, in this time of heightened competition, how can you attract leads and convert them into high-value customers?

Customers won’t get easily convinced by the regular marketing techniques. To pique the attention of modern customers and stay ahead in the competition, you need to take your lead generation to another level.

Today, there are various SaaS products to make all your lead generation and management needs easy. These applications are easy to use and accessible, making them extremely beneficial. Here are the top SaaS products that can boost your lead generation and ease the management needs.

1. Kennected for accelerating lead generation

Kennected is one of the most user-friendly and intuitive automation lead generation software that was founded in 2018. Kennected sales funnel will simplify your lead flow, find ideal leads, nurture them, boost sales, and generate new revenue streams. It offers various features like automating outreach programs, customized follow-ups, and client support teams who are available 24/7 that will help your company generate high-quality leads in a short period.

Various tools like Kennected video, Cloud Kennect, and Kennected Calendar are also offered by Kennected to optimize the sales funnel. With Cloud Kennected, a Linked automation tool, you can find high-value customers, and send personalized messages with their name, company name, industry, and more. It let you send as many follow–up as you wish and enable you to set a time gap between each message, thus mimicking human behavior.

To catch the attention of the potential client, you can send video messages made through Kennected Videos. With Kennected video, you can create personalized videos that can grab the attention of prospects. It will also allow you to know how many times people have watched your video. Kennected videos can be sent through email, text, CRM, or can be shared through social media like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Kennected is a really good tool to build relationships with the customers and connect with them.

When it comes to LinkedIn lead generation, Kennected is the finest tool available in the market currently.

2. Calendly for appointment scheduling

For the success of any business, it needs to be organized. Business owners and administrators will have to coordinate their teams, manage various meetings, and schedule appointments to stay on top of the business. It will enable you to set a calendar that will show the dates and timings you are available. Your prospects and potential leads can book appointments based on this schedule.

With Calendly, you can efficiently schedule one-on-one meetings as well as book group events without going through the hassle of sending emails back and forth. It offers features like round robin which will enable you to automatically schedule time for hosting, demos, and more.

3. Hootsuite for social media management

Hootsuite is one of the best SaaS products to manage social media platforms. You can automatically schedule your content across your entire social media network and review the posts. From the Hootsuite dashboard, you can directly access your image assent, thus helping you to make quality content and enabling posting easily. It will monitor, analyze, and schedule all aspects of social media, thus acting as a social media manager.

It will also keep track of all the latest social media trends, conversions, and brand mentions. It will combine all the conversations and comments regarding your brand from all the social media networks in an inbox and respond to it. It will also let you track your best posts and give insight into why it’s working.

4. Salesforce for customer relationship management

The Salesforce is the ideal SaaS tool for Customer relationship management. It will let you identify the prospects, leads, and customers, thus saving the time wasted on finding potential prospects and leads. It will analyze the customer behavior on your website and let you know about their behavior and needs. You can use this information to market the potential prospects.

5. LeadLander for tracking the website visitors

It is one of the best software to track the details of your website visitors. It will help you get all the details of your website’s visitors like their name, job position, company name, industry, email address, location, and other contact information. This tool will notify you in real-time when your potential lead visits your website and their information will automatically be added to your sales and marketing list. Further, it informs your sales and marketing team which all campaigns are working, hence allowing you to focus on those marketing campaigns that will generate good results.

Remember that there is a SaaS tool to help you with your lead generation and management requirements. So, try these tools to generate more leads and manage them with ease.

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