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Top Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

Data from recent research by a reputed market analytics firm revealed that the mobile app development market revenue reached $52 billion in 2015, cross $60 billion in 2016 and it is projected to increase to $83 billion by the year 2021. This mammoth increase in mobile app development revenue is the result constant evolution of development techniques and methodologies to fulfill the needs of the end-users. Moreover, mobile app developers are witnessing a shift in trends almost every year. Let us watch out for the mobile app development trends in 2017:

Growth in Hybrid Technologies

As Bring Your Own Device policy implementation in the enterprises is gaining momentum mobile app developers are relying on agile hybrid development technologies. They are using several tools like AngularJS, Sencha Touch, Cordova, Ionic and PhoneGap for hybrid apps project.

Security will be Prioritized

iPhone Specialists would be incorporating App Transport Security (ATS) for all iOS applications and they would also implement stronger data encryption in new apps. Android app developers would need to comply with Google’s much more granular app permissions model and automatic security updates as well.

Apps with GPS will Increase

Requests for mobile app development projects with the navigation or location-tracking is rising steeply as per professional mobile app developers because GPS-powered apps are finding acceptance in various industries like automation, IoT or retail.

Mobile Payments Integration in Apps

This is no secret that there has been a sharp increase in web-based transactions and mobile transactions would account for half of them in the coming year. Hence, there will be a surge of custom software at the app stores and that will allow retailers to facilitate mobile payment in a safe and secure manner.

Focus on Mobile App Designing

The coming year will see an increase in things like parallax graphics, splash screens, visuals, micro interactions, split-screens, grid-based and interface designing in order to make apps visually appealing and increase its aesthetics along with user experience.

Demand for Enterprise Apps

To increase the efficiency of day to day management tasks and enhance interaction with potential customers, it is estimated that more and more enterprises will be looking forward to implementing more than ten enterprise applications in the coming year.

Citizen Developer’s Trend will Mature

Citizen developer’s trend refers to application development by end users with a little technical know-how to automate processes, improve efficiency and help customers of an organization. This trend would mature in the coming year as it benefits the enterprise by fastening development process, reducing cost and using existing resources efficiently.

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  1. Antoine Aarts

    August 22, 2017 at 10:30 am

    Hey Kaspar,

    Nice job Buddy!!!

    In the fast-paced app development sphere, staying abreast of trends like augmented reality, Instant Apps, and direct Cloud interaction will help your app stand out. Mobile development has changed to great extend in recent years.

    Thanks for listing the lastest trends in the world of mobile app development. Great efforts and do keep sharing!!!!

  2. David Stoner

    November 17, 2017 at 9:12 am

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful article, Surely the mentioned trends will be hot in mobile app development in 2017. I believe, AR and VR, IoT, Security, and Wearable will be used more in mobile app development for the upcoming years.

  3. Penelope Smith

    January 24, 2019 at 3:10 am

    This is some really good information about mobile app development. It is great to know that you need to think about integrating payments into apps easily. That does seem like a good thing to be aware of when you need to make an app.

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