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Top Gambling Scenes in Films

Gambling business and film industry have been developing separately throughout the history. However, they have something in common. There are a lot of slot machines which are dedicated to iconic movies, actors and actresses, directors, and so on (you can find them in Spin Palace Australia, for example). At the same time, in movies, we often see scenes that take place in casinos or are related to a certain extent to gambling business.

In our article, we are going to discuss the most famous scenes of this kind. Of course, our opinion is subjective because it is based on the preferences of all members of our team. Nevertheless, we analyzed numerous sources of information and watched hundreds of scenes to finally make a decision. So, here is our list of the best gambling scenes in movies.


Doug Liman’s comedy-drama film Swingers opens the list. When Mike (one of the main characters) falls in a deep depression, Trent (his best friend) forces him to go to Las Vegas to blow off steam a little bit. Mike decides to play Blackjack and he tries to show all other gamblers that he is an experienced one although he has no gambling experience at all. Trent explains Mike what he is supposed to do. The man advises to always double down on 11 and this phrase has become a classic one.


This 1998 drama film is entirely dedicated to the world of poker. According to the plot, two friends (played by Edward Norton and Matt Damon) have a large debt that they are no more capable to pay back. To get money quickly, they start gambling. There are a lot of gambling scenes in this film but the final episode where Matt Damon’s character plays poker against Teddy KGB is just remarkable! The intensity is incredible as the destiny of the main characters is to decide. Wonderful movie, perfect acting, and a hilarious Texas hold ‘em game.

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

This movie directed by Guy Ritchie is a real masterpiece of crime comedy. At the very beginning of the film we see a gambling scene with Fast Eddy and Hatchet Harry. Harry raises to 250,000 dollars but Eddy has not such a sum in possession. Therefore, Harry lends him money and takes it to 500,000 before seeing the card. Finally, Eddy loses and realizes that he must get a lot of cash and very quickly if he and his friends want to live. It is an incredible scene of an incredible film! Just watch it and take pleasure.


Tombstone is one of the best westerns in the history of cinematography. The film by George P. Cosmatos was released in 1993 and demonstrated good box office results. Moreover, critical reception was quite positive. In one of the episodes, Doc Holiday plays poker 36 hours in a row. Regardless of the fact that he is tired and drunk, Doc is as quick-witted as always and wins a pack of money. The scene shows deception and even anger of a loser which are also parts of gambling.

Toy Story 3

Toy Story, really? Gambling is not allowed for under-agers but still, there is a funny gambling episode in this popular animated adventure film. A few characters sit around a See ‘N Say and start to bet on where the spinner is going to stop. In other words, they took a toy and turned it into a sort of gambling game. As we see, gambling is omnipresent in our culture.

Ocean’s Eleven

Without any doubt, Ocean’s Eleven is a classic Hollywood movie. The poker scene we see at the very beginning of the film is enormously funny and interesting. Brad Pitt’s character explains to a group of people how to play this famous card game. The scenery is just epic with lines like “I am not sure what four nines do, but the ace is pretty high” and others. Cool episode of a cool movie.

Run Lola Run

Do you remember this 1998 thriller film starring Franka Potente and directed by Tom Tykwer? According to the plot, Lola must find 100,000 Deutsche Mark in a few minutes to save her boyfriend. One scene shows Lola enter a casino. Desperate, she approaches a roulette table and decides to bet everything she has on 20 black. The odds are approximately 1296 to 1, but she has no choice and makes this illogical decision. Does she win? Just see the movie and you will find out.

So, in our opinion, these films have the best gambling scenes. If you think that we have missed something please let us know your favorite gambling scenes in comments. Thank you for your attention and have a good day!

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