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Four Tips For Successful SEO Link Building

Linkbuilding is an important aspect of a search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign. Doing work on the website itself is an obvious first step to make sure that building blocks are in place for success, however it is important to keep the website visible within the rankings of Google and the other major search engines so users can find what they are looking for – hopefully something on your website! seo An ongoing SEO campaign will place focus on keeping your website content fresh, as well as putting into place a successful link building strategy; this will need careful consideration to make sure that your website is not penalised by the search engines – particularly Google – when they roll out updates to their ranking algorithms. So here are four tips for successful SEO link building that you can implement in 2013.

Find brand fans

Do you have a clutch of loyal brand fans? Depending on the products and services that you offer, you may well have a ready-made community of people who would be more than happy to advocate you to their peers. This works in your favour if they use social media or have a professional or personal blog; get in touch and see whether they would be happy to link to your website from theirs.

Avoid directories

This is more of a what-not-to-do, but if you don’t want to be penalised by the search engines you should avoid directories as a general rule. There might be exceptions to this if it is highly specialised and does not accept just any website onto the directory. Paid links will also not work in your favour as Google regards these as spam. Bad links are now the focus of link removal services as they can be quite troublesome for some people to sort out when there are so many of them.

Don’t be a blog spammer

Something that won’t reflect well on your brand is trying to put lots of links into blog comments that you make. Many blogs will allow you to put a URL to your name in your comment but don’t try and game the system by putting your name down as one of your keywords. The same goes for trying to put links within the comment itself. Webmasters and administrators will manually review comments before they are put live so they won’t even bother publishing a spammy comment; they may well also publicly “out” you for your tactics.

Identify key bloggers and journalists

In the same vein as your brand fans, find people who are likely to get on board with your business and the products and services you offer. This can include both bloggers and journalists. You’ll want to position yourself as an expert that can provide information and opinions, helping them to make their content more complete and well rounded. Bloggers too often like reviewing products, but if you have provided them with a product to review, this should be clearly labelled on their site as the ASA would see this as improper practice otherwise.

Jim Woodstead has been researching link removal services to recommend to his colleagues at the marketing agency where he works.

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Mike Gallagher is a consumer electronics blogger and TV enthusiast from Hull. He enjoys window-shopping for high-end electronics and watching documentaries and TV series thanks to his satellite TV service, which he found here.



  1. myles

    March 21, 2013 at 3:21 pm

    targeting a specific blog is more of like it , and guest posting is the best. 😉 Nice posting BTW.

  2. CBIL360

    March 22, 2013 at 8:59 am

    These are the most successful SEO link building tips in 2013 to drive organic traffic. So, let’s follow search engine rules to acquire better search engine result.

  3. aziz

    July 20, 2013 at 7:15 pm

    nice articles,Well written and composed,useful and working tips,SEO and linking tips are interesting,Thank for sharing.Great job.

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