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Top Features to Consider For Education App Development

When you talk about mobile apps, it has gone beyond communication, entertainment, and gamification and has extended their reach to multiple spaces, especially education. Online learning had touched every age group during the past two years when the nation was affected by COVID-19.

In simple words, we can define an education app as software that can be a remote learning platform and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Statista reports that the e-learning market is projected to surpass 243 billion U.S. dollars by 2022. Before planning to develop an eLearning app for your business, you can approach your education app development company and discuss these essential features that you must consider in the app.

List Of Features You Must Have In An Online Education Mobile App

Excellent UI/UX Design

When planning to develop an Ed-tech app for your business, the first thing that should hit your mind is a good interface. As a user, you will always prefer using an app that has an exemplary user interface and can have a good user experience. The same goes for your business app. You must add responsive templates engaging interface, the app should have a good color combination, and icons and menu should respond quickly. Integrating these elements properly in the app will give your users a great experience.

Interactive Content

If you are planning to add simple black text, no users are going to use the app. Developing an app like eLearning should always come with interactive content. You can add graphs, images, and videos to make the content more engaging and understandable. Interactive content is important in your business and can increase user engagement.

Live Sessions

Your online education app should host live classes and sessions for students to boost their learning skills. This feature in your online education app will help students to ask live queries from the tutor online, and they can get relevant solutions for their doubts.

Apart from this, a tutor can explain new ideas and thoughts related to their curriculum.

Separate Test Panel

You should plan to integrate a panel for tests and quizzes. Earlier, the institute used to conduct exams to check the performance of the candidates. You can implement the same thing online. A separate test/quiz panel can help students to give exams and check their performance.

Upon completion of the test and quizzes, they can check their marks online and share them on social media platforms.

Push Notification

Push notification has become one of the important elements of online apps. Through push notifications, businesses can send any updates on their product & services, app update, any recent post, etc. It directly appears on the user’s smartphone in the notification tab. It helps to boost app engagement.

Your ed-tech app must have this feature. It will help your students to know about any new updates of the app, new topics, new lectures, or any class that has been scheduled.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you now know the features you must consider while developing an eLearning app for your business. You can look at the educational app development guide to know more about an ed-tech app.

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Richard Roundy is a senior mobile app developer working at AppsChopper, a leading mobile app development company, for more than 10 years.

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