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Top Emerging UI/UX Design Trends for Mobile Application

The UI design is the first impression of your mobile app on your users. It connects the users with a brand, makes the user experience smooth in the app, and increases the entire ROI of the application. If your app has a client-centric UI design and engaging content, nothing can stop you from success.

With the growing popularity of mobile apps, companies are investing more in mobile apps to enhance their user experience. It will help to make them more competitive and achieve business growth.

UI/UX Design trends for mobile apps are continually changing with time. In this article, we will be discussing recent mobile app design trends for better UI/UX for both iOS and Android apps. With the help of these trending UI/UX design ideas, you can reduce the bounce rate and boost the conversion rate.

Rounded Corners

This new rounded corners design trend is very popular in the world of UI nowadays. We’re seeing a lot of rounded shapes in mobile application designs. Round shapes represent eternity, which has no beginning or end and is easier on the eyes. That’s why we use rounded rectangles to evoke warmth and trust in your users.

Content Design

Keeping the significance of content in mind is also important in mobile app design. The content design should be app screen viewable, readable, and easy to grasp and process. Every app element including CTA design and its placement, choice of background color and typography, menu, margins, and white spaces should be well placed. This will lead to a consistent and super-smooth experience for users.

Dark Mode

It is also known as “Dark View”, “Night Mode” or “Shadow Mode”. Users can benefit from dark mode because it reduces eye strain by lowering the screen brightness and they conserve battery life by reducing the use of bright pixels. You must ensure that your dark theme is designed correctly and they are stable, legible, and entertaining.


Color is very important in any design or you can say it can make or break your product. Users got bored with these designs, so designers started experimenting with different visual designs and styles. Gradients and their multitone effects are playing a key role in modern design. You can mix and blend different shades of colors which can give your designs a unique vibe.

Illustrations and 3D Design

UI/UX designers can use better illustrations to convey their ideas and make strong story statements. With illustration, UX/UI professionals are taking a step forward to make content more exciting and more comfortable.

3D graphics have become a trend nowadays. The result of the 3D design is extraordinary but Creating and integrating 3D graphics requires certain skills. It makes the entire user experience more intuitive.


Chatbots are the fastest-growing trend in online communication. It offers the potential to enhance customer loyalty to a business and develop long-term relationships with its customers. For this reason, many business sectors are incorporating chatbots into their business operations to provide ongoing customer engagement.

Voice Interfaces

Among the new trends in UX design, voice interactions and voice search continue to rise in popularity. This voice interface feature allows users and devices to interact through natural speech. There are many virtual voice assistants available in the market like Siri, Bixby, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Passwordless login

It’s quite difficult to remember all the passwords, as we use many applications every day. Passwordless logins will become more popular in 2022. In Passwordless login, we can use face and fingerprint recognition, login links, and a one-time password method.

Advanced Animation

It’s a better way to make the interface dynamic with animation or video. We can utilize UI animations to enhance the user experience by guiding the flow much better than a static graphic. Animation helps make the content easier to understand and makes it appealing to the users.

The user interface design and user experience (UI/UX) are important parts of the mobile application development process. Contact Swayam Infotech and schedule a meeting for a detailed discussion. Our experienced designers and developers know how to implement the latest design trends to develop modern and attractive mobile applications with the best user experience.

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