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Top Designs for Customized Candle Boxes

Top Designs for Customized Candle Boxes

Candles you see in Candle Boxes are common everywhere, even in our current society. However, the candles get to a point where you utilize oil. It means that the wick and the wax don’t burn perfectly. This means that you can reduce them to limp, turn the flame too much, or with a very dull flame.

With the improvement that we have in our society, I see different kinds of candles that can be innovative. With different designs and shapes of candles, the candles would be more practical and can be more effective. Most of the time, wick instead of beeswax, also known as wax and also sootless, is more environmentally friendly.

There are different shapes of the candles, namely regular cones and candle sticks. Waxed candles have their advantages; waxed candles are lighter than most candles, besides making it easier on the environment. You can get custom boxes by ECB for your candle products.

Perhaps the most traditional shape of all is the pillar, which will not be used as much from now on as the candles ‘smell’ are by injecting the wax into each of the pillows at the bottom of the candles. Get to know the best ideas for candle packaging along with ideas that you can consider.

Customized Designs Are Trendy

As candles need a wick, which you can use to operate the flame and give it light, the wick should look at. It is because the wick doesn’t have to be cleaned all the time; this will save time, is more convenient, and is less messy. With a wick in the material, candle packaging can be customized with a removable or reusable wick, which means that the candles and their packaging can be customized by the owners. This design will be more popular, as the candles are still widely used, and this will be more convenient. With an interesting design, the candles will not just be popular in the current generation but also in the following generations. It is possible to use it as a candle type or just as a personal gift.

Attaching Labels on Packaging Is Useful

All candles come in a box for packaging and display, with a label attached to the candles. With the placing of labels, you can create a catchy display, the Candle Boxes will have a clear effect, and you can recycle these boxes easily after candle consumption. With the use of labels, a candle is convenient that you can display, and it is indeed more accessible.

Different labels are what you may use on these boxes according to different purposes, such as candle names, costs, building materials, and so on. The use of different labels will improve the ability of the buyer to know more details about the candle box. The design of labels should be simple and easy to read. You have to design the label in such a way that it can show its nature clearly. Also, it must not be too long and should also have a clear point.

Use Hand-Drawn Illustrations on Boxes

Hand-drawn illustrations are what you have to make on the boxes. Illustrations create a sense of suspense and are very attractive to the buyers. With the utilization of drawings on the packaging, it is easier for the buyer to know the nature of candles and how to use them. In addition, hand-drawn illustrations will attract more customers.

Include Instructions on Labels

Instructions must include some essential information for use, such as candle names and uses, its health benefits, safety precautions, and so on. Including instructions will increase the sales rate for candles.  It is because many customers use candles for various purposes, and they are not sure about which type is suitable for them.

Use Holiday-Themed Packaging

During the holiday seasons, people love to purchase candles according to the event’s requirements. What is more important for the buyers, in this case, is that the winter will come soon, and people will have to prepare for the cold season. Therefore, it is necessary to use seasonal packaging of candles. It can help customers know its purpose and how to use them appropriately at this time.

Create Positive Images on Packaging

Packaging should carry a positive image on it. It must be easy to understand its content users and make customers want to buy them. It is ideal for increasing the sales rate of candles and making candles more valuable in the promotion.

You can Wrap Candles in Gold Foil

You can wrap candles in gold foil, and an interesting decoration is what you can include in them. Candles, with wrapping in gold foil, are more eye-catching and attract customers’ attention. Also, you can add a piece of ribbon to the boxes.

Ribbons you add to Candle Boxes have the function of making people interested in looking at the item. So, add a pleasant impression for buyers and increase the quality of the candles.

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