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Top 7 Ways to Keep Your House Cool & Protected from Log Angeles Heat

For most people, summer means pool parties, BBQ dinners, beach volleyball, and other activities around the city – but those people don’t live in Los Angeles. If you’re in Los Angeles, then you know what it feels like to have your t-shirt clung to the skin due to sweat, and you want nothing but to get in the shower and wear a tank top and relax.

But with the immense heat, even the interior of your house isn’t safe from the hot weather, and the humidity that accompanies it. So, how can you improve this situation to make your house bearable enough to live in?

Owning a central air conditioner comes with huge energy bills. So, how else do you keep your house cool and protected from the heat outside? Don’t worry – while we raise questions, we also bring the answers.

Keep reading and you’ll find out the different ways you can keep your home cool and safe from the brutal Los Angeles heat.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin!

Focus on the Blinds

Your house is bound to get hot if it is exposed to an excessive amount of heat. We get it, a little sunshine creates a welcoming look overall. However, the UV rays from the sunlight can heat the interior of your house, making it just as unbearable as the outside space on a hot summer afternoon.

Now, we’re not saying that you should completely give up on sunlight, but we are telling you to prioritize a few other things. For the first few hours of the morning, when UV exposure is less damaging, open the windows during that time. The light will freshen up your home in a few minutes, and then you can close the blinds.

Blinds then act as a barrier between harmful sun rays and the interior of your house, keeping it cool during the peak sun hours.

Block the Heat

We get it; completely blocking out the heat and sunlight using blinds is a drastic step not many would want to take–but how else can you keep your house cool? We’re sure you’re out of ideas, but we aren’t.

There are several ways you can keep your house cool, and keep getting some form of natural light for the interior of your house. One sure-fire way to do this is by using shaded windows and ceiling insulation. With tinted windows, you get to lower the intensity of the sunlight and reduce UV rays from entering the house.

Tinted windows can give you the perfect balance between sunlight and a cool effect within the house. It’s also great for when you want to enjoy the outside views without having lurkers peek into your house.

Make Your Ceiling Fans Efficient

If ceiling fans don’t rotate in the right way, they just rotate the warm air from outside around the room. However, you can easily change that. Make your ceiling fans more efficient to create a cooling effect in the house – confused about how you can achieve that? We can help.

Make sure that your ceiling fans are rotating counter-clockwise—this will help create a cooling effect in the room. You can also set the fan at a higher speed to aid the cooling process.

Shut the Doors & Seal the Gaps

Keeping your room and house doors shut will help keep the cooling from the air conditioner trapped inside, and not be affected by the warm air from the outside. But closing doors might not be the only way to do this.

Make sure all your door and window gaps are filled with sealant to keep the warm air outside, and the cooler air trapped in.

You Might Be Using Wrong Bulbs

If you feel that your house is a little too warm, it might not just be the weather. If you’ve sealed the window and door gaps shut, have tinted windows, and done every other possible thing to keep your house cool and you still feel warm; dig a little deeper.

You might be using incandescent light bulbs –their rays give off a warmer effect than other energy-saving bulbs. If it’s the bulbs, it’s time to switch them out with soft-toned and energy-saving light bulbs that will be easier on the pocket and the environment.

Make the Most of Evenings

Even though you’re being trained to lock up the house during the day to avoid the sun, evenings are usually colder in Los Angeles. So open up the windows and open up the doors, and let in some cool breeze to cool down the house – just make sure to lock it back up before you hit the sack!

Awnings, Canopies, and More

If your house is built in a way that you can’t avoid opening up the blinds, you might need some extra help. Blinds might fall short of what you need. To block the sunlight, it’s time you get some awnings, canopies, or other sorts of shelters placed on the top of your external windows and doors to give your house some shade from the extreme heat and sunlight.

Get Shady with Van Nuys Awning

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