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Top 7 Email Marketing Ideas for Safe Inbound Marketing

do not underestimate the impact of a carefully organized email campaign, as it is no coincidence that this medium is often nicknamed “the king of B2B marketing

Inbound Marketing is made up of a wide variety of elements, one of which more specifically concerns B2B email.

The goal remains, of course, the same, to generate more leads, but it can be tricky to know where to start in email marketing, and the purpose of this article is precise to list the 7 types of email. Emails that you will need to master.

In any case, do not underestimate the impact of a carefully organized email campaign, as it is no coincidence that this medium is often nicknamed “the king of B2B marketing“.

Provided you know all the ins and outs of the 7 emails that we will present in detail, your company could thus make significant gains. These are measured in lead collection, but also in the lead nurturing and, ultimately, in sales volume.

1 – The Welcome Email

Logically, the first type of email to master is the one that should allow you to host a lead in the best possible way – most often after he made an effort to register on your blog/newsletter or that it is acceptable to receive particular content online.

The mistake not to be made here would be that of an excess of simplicity. Do not settle for a banal “welcome to our blog,” even if this solution still appears preferable to the absence of a welcome email.

Take the opportunity to send a message to your audience, and this welcome email should be an opportunity for your business to make a positive first impression.

Also, do not hesitate to ask – sparingly – your leads through this email, because their answers will help you to significantly enrich your data on their future purchasing behavior while refining the definition of buyer personas.

To make your welcome email as efficient as possible, be friendly in your presentation of the company and what it can concretely bring to its customers.

2 – The Thank You Email

Welcoming new leads is a sine qua non for a successful email marketing strategy, but this is apparently not enough.

In fact, you also need to thank your audience whenever the opportunity arises, not only to be polite but also because it shows, in the eyes of prospects, a significant attention from your business.

You can, no; you must, thank the people who download content from your site/blog, as well as those who order. As a result, you’ll generate more interactions with your prospects and customers, and the more they’ll be, the better you’ll know them and how to convince them to maximize their purchases.

In any case, make sure that the thank you email is an integral part of your strategy, giving the image of a company attentive to its leads, and knowing how to remain “natural”.

Better is indeed a text that appears sincere than a superabundance of images and “catchphrases” that will seem far too artificial. Finally, do not forget to include a link in your thank you email, pointing to other downloads and products.

3 – The Email for the Newsletter

One of the most effective tools in content marketing turns out to be the newsletter, as it simultaneously achieves several distinct goals:

  • Sharing useful information about the company,
  • Maintaining contact with prospects,
  • The progressive construction of a better knowledge of the company/brand (“brand awareness”)
  • Whenever one of your leads clicks on one of your newsletters, it will show a real and growing interest in your offer.

For this type of email, it should first be short, avoiding large indigestible paragraphs, and privileging small blocks of text, then point to your site/blog through links. Also, a neat presentation, through attractive visuals, is a necessity.

Moreover, and contrary to the welcome email, simplicity must be crowned queen here, because let’s face it: who did not close quickly a newsletter email after having the unpleasant sensation to be overwhelmed by the flood of information it contained, or by a presentation too visually charged?

To avoid this pitfall, try to reason simply when developing this type of email.

Last but not least, do not waste your time, or that of your leads, with a newsletter email if it does not have enough interest in their eyes. In the field of content marketing, capturing the attention of prospects remains essential.

4 – Promotional Email

Through this type of email, the goal is apparent: focus on a particular product (or service) – or even a range – to create or revive its appeal to the target audience.

Promotional email does not require a lot of explanation since it is based on a simple presentation of the deal, and ways to take advantage of it.

To maximize the reach of your promotion emails, you must first ensure that the highlighted offer is crystal clear, as your audience will not give more than a handful of seconds. Email before deciding to delete or consider it.

So you have to be direct and hard-hitting, while emphasizing the novelty aspect of your promotion, as well as an increased sense of urgency, because of its limited duration.

5 – Education Email

If you consult an Email Marketing Agency for your emailing strategy, it will not fail to mention the imperative of an approach to educating prospects, whether through online racing, but also tutorials and various tips.

The purpose of such an “educational” email is to provide a useful service to your prospects, as well as to position your company as an expert in its field. As a result, your customers will feel a stronger sense of confidence in your prescriptions and products.

Before embarking on the development of “educational” emails, do not hesitate to ask your colleagues, colleagues and your management, to generate a sufficiently advanced brainstorming. It is thanks to this work upstream that you will then be able to propose exciting and differentiating contents vis-à-vis your competitors.

Also, do not make a mistake often encountered of wanting to say too much at once, and prefer to subdivide your message into several parts easier to understand.

Finally, an email education of your audience can be the ideal vector for a link to a product or service – possibly with a promotion to the key.

6 – The Testimonial Email

This type of email can be one of the most effective in your directory, provided you take a few precautionary measures.

It’s actually about collecting some customer feedback – in the form of e-mail – that highlights your strengths, and how your offer has met their expectations. Such an approach will encourage other prospects to order.

For a testimonial email to work as well as possible, put forward quotes from your customers, through a clean design and a strong symbolic image – ideally, the face of a person, who bought a product/service to your company and wished to say well.

That being said, do not limit this type of email only to testimonials, but also mention the next developments that you intend to implement, why not with a link to your news or through a demonstration offer.

7 – The Survey Email

Prospect and customer surveys have become a structuring element of an effective inbound marketing strategy it can boost your business profitability with business database, and this is not surprising as they offer a precious insight into the expectations and feelings of your audience.

From these elements, it becomes much easier to adjust your offer, even to make changes to the way your company presents itself and conceives the customer relationship.

To get the most out of a survey email, it is essential to be clear about its purpose, and how it will improve the overall delivery of your business.

Also, avoid the off-topic so as not to lose the respondents during the survey, and know how to be generous in rewarding the participants. For example, vouchers on e-commerce sites are very popular.

B2B Email Marketing

To conclude by quoting some statistics worth mentioning, know that on average, for one dollar spent on B2B email marketing, it is more than 30 dollar return on investment that can legitimately be expected. A simple reason for this: more than 70% of consumers prefer to receive promotional content via email through social media. You might need to have Best data appending service provider and email marketing data provider for targeted email list in an industry that can convert into leads.

That being said, to hope to succeed in this area, it should be kept in mind that your emails must have a particular resonance with your buyer personas, targeting their expectations and needs. The 7 types of email to use now have no secrets for you, so make good use of it!

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