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Top 5 Tips To Prevent Spyware

No software or hardware program can fully protect your office network setup until & unless the user gets aware of rising security threats. It is only ‘you’€™ who can avert the security risks at the initial stages without causing any harm to your organizational network. So, here are the top 5 tips to avoid spyware and maintain control over your computing resources.

Security risks

Prevent the Use of Freeware

Many freewares are full of adware and spyware programs hidden behind their lucrative features such as a free search toolbar or fast download options. Once you install such software, they will send data to your server without informing you. This normally leads to instances of data theft and identity theft.

Update Your Browser

Internet browsing is quickly becoming second nature to people around the world. But how many of us regularly update our browser? Tough question to ask, isn’€™t it?

Websites containing potential exploits are growing with each passing day. Stay alert while downloading free games from unknown websites. An up-to-date browser doesn’€™t allow add-ons to get installed in a computer without the user’€™s authentication. Alternatively, you should always try to visit websites having URL starting as ‘€˜https’.

Block Ad Sites

Don’t buy or install products offered on the Internet for free. Such products may contain malwares that might be capable of replacing your host files and manipulating the controls.

Use Anti-Spyware Protection

Always insist that your software contractor should install the latest hardware/software firewall programs on your system. Advance antivirus programs provide full protection against any form of spywares.

Deploy DNS Protection

Spyware entry can be prevented by protecting users against spam and phishing attacks. An advance DNS system translates websites into safe IP addresses, providing you a safe yet smart surfing option.

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Ng Wei Khang, CEO at a Singapore based IT consultancy company, APIXEL IT Services, has been operational for over 8 years from now. Apixel provides fixed price IT Support Services with unlimited packages that includes small business server setup, Cloud Solution Configuration, Network management and Data security & Theft prevention. The company also provides expert IT consultancy to SMEs in Singapore.



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  2. Savanth Mishra

    June 3, 2014 at 5:36 am

    I use some strong and premium Anti Spyware tools to protect myself from these malicious spyware.

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