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Top 5 Qualities of A Good Tutor

A good tutoring session is directly related to the relationship established between the tutor and the student. This relationship might get established quickly in certain circumstances but often it may actually take a whole lot of time and sessions between the two to establish a more credible relationship.

Anyway, a good tutor must possess a few exceptional qualities to build up a strong connection with the student which, in turn, is directly linked to an improved academic performance. We have discussed a few of these qualities in through details in this article.

Let’s take a peek at them without further ado.

1. A good tutor should be adaptable to changes

Each and every student is different from one another. Therefore, your teaching tactic should also vary from student to student depending on their individual comprehensible abilities.

Remember there’s no pre-defined formula to success especially when tutoring is concerned. Adaptability is the only thing that can help you survive. You have to accept every change with open arms and adjust your tactic accordingly to accomplish your task with ease and convenience.

In simpler words,

  • You should be flexible.
  • You should be adjustable.
  • And you should be versatile to give your students a great learning experience.

 2. A good tutor should be energetic in nature

In order to create a credible relationship between the tutor and the students, it’s necessary for the tutor to be energetic in nature, having lots of respect to human interactions.

The tutor should always have a positive impact on the student through his/her display of energy. Small things like that can definitely improve the student’s performance in almost no time.

In simpler words,

  • You should be motivated.
  • You should be enthusiastic.
  • You should put your interpersonal skills to great effect.

3. A good tutor should demonstrate openness

A good tutor must listen as closely to the student as possible. Does your student have a problem? If s/he has one, you need to pay special attention to the problem as much as possible. You need to understand the situation well and then take special actions to alleviate it as much as possible.

The tutor should be empathetic in nature and should be open to changes according to the situation. His/her openness must demonstrate his/her involvement and accessibility which is something that can directly have a positive impact on the student in particular.

In simpler words,

  • You should be accessible and available when required.
  • You should involve yourself as much as possible with your student.
  • You should be empathetic.

4. A good tutor should be humble

Humility is definitely a positive criterion indeed; something that can definitely have a positive influence on the student in particular.

Remember we are all human beings and to err is human. Even the best tutors make mistakes but they seldom accept the fact they do. Well, if you want to stand out of the crowd, you need to show a bit more humility. You need to accept mistakes in case you make one.

Things like that can benefit both you and your student at the same time. Now that is what I call a life lesson; something that’s seldom taught at school or anywhere else. Priceless education; there’s absolutely no doubt about it.

In simpler words,

  • You should be respectful.
  • You should possess an astonishing ability of discernment.
  • You should also be full of acceptance in case you come across something that’s beyond the scope of your understanding. It’s better to inform the student of the fact that you don’t know the answer rather than basing the entire thing on guesswork.

5. A good tutor must exhibit strong signs of maturity

Now, this is pretty obvious. A good tutor must show good signs of maturity. Remember parents would never trust you in case you behave rudely with the kids or tell impolite jokes in front of them.

There are high chances for you to get yourself fired in such circumstances. So be matured enough to understand this. Such a thing can definitely help your career a lot in the long run.

Last but not the least, a sound knowledge of the subject matter is the most important thing that you can have to have a successful tutoring career. We didn’t mention it in details in our list up above because it seemed pretty obvious. With that, we’ll bring this article to an end for now. Hope you had a good read.

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Sankar is an academician as well as a content developer. He loves framing engaging write-ups for parents, students and the teachers alike and offers clear as well as practical ideas to make learning fun. In his free time, He loves reading and traveling.He suggest LearnPick Blog for more educational information.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Andre

    November 6, 2017 at 10:04 pm

    Thanks for the pointers Sankar! Absolutely loved the article. I’ll definitely incorporate the mentioned techniques.


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