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Top 5 Hybrid App Development Companies in New York

Hybrid app development is growing expeditiously due to its compatibility with multiple platforms. Undeniably Hybrid apps are getting more popular with each passing day. Therefore, developing Hybrid apps is the best choice to reach more users and grow your business.

Before the development process begins, you must consider a few factors, such as budget, resources, technologies, etc. Simultaneously, hire the best company to which you want to hand over your project.

Many companies provide app development services, but we have listed the top Hybrid app development companies to assist you in your app development journey.

Top Hybrid App Development Companies in New York


SparxIT is one of the renowned hybrid app development companies. The company is NASSCOM and ISO: 9001 recognized. It has a team of over 200 highly skilled professionals who strive to give you promising technology solutions.

With 14+ years of industry experience, the company has served global clients such as HP, Cleartrip, Hisense, BPL, Suzuki, Intel, and many more. The company delivers top-performance responsive apps and also offers the support and maintenance of hybrid apps.


Founded in 2002, Door3 is a well-known hybrid app development company based in New York and Kyiv. It offers consultancy services along with web and mobile app development services. The company works on leading technologies like Ionic, Xamarin, Flutter, etc.

Door3 has provided robust digital solutions to sectors such as Finance, Construction, Legal, Education, and many others. It has served clients worldwide, including Johnson & Johnson, the American Museum of Natural History, and others.


ArcTouch is based in New York, San Francisco, and Florianópolis. The company has collaborated with global brands such as Yahoo, Audi, SkyJet, Canon, Levis, Fitbit, Amazon, and many more.

The company has proficient teams working on innovative technologies like Xamarin, Flutter, etc., to build fully-fledged, creative, and seamless hybrid applications. ArcTouch offers design and development services for apps, websites, digital products, and testing services.


BlueLabel is an award-winning app development company with offices in New York, Seattle, and San Francisco. The company has created more than 350 fully-fledged and reliable digital products.

The company has worked with renowned brands such as P&G, Microsoft, Google, BCG, and many others. BlueLabel is known for building high-quality, interactive, and seamless hybrid apps.


Established in 2006, SoftBlues has successfully handed over more than 700 projects globally. It is a team of 80+ experienced and talented engineers who strive to give smooth, robust, responsive hybrid and native apps.

SoftBlues offers multiple services, such as staff augmentation, web and mobile app development, and support and maintenance. The company has worked with various global industries, including E-Commerce, Education, AgriTech, Automotive, and others.

Final Words

The app market is changing with the latest trends, and it is the need of the hour to build cost-effective mobile apps that help you stand out in the competition. Hybrid apps solve the need of targeting platforms independently by developing a native app.

Developing a hybrid app can be the right decision to get the top spot in the online app store market because of its compatibility with multiple browsers and devices.

You can hire anyone from the above-mentioned hybrid app development companies. Before making any final decision, consider your budget, resources, time, technologies, etc. Hence, the company you choose understands your organizational goals and offers excellent services according to your needs.

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I am Helen Ruth and I work at SparxIT, a leading web and app development company, as a senior web developer. I love coding and also like to create quality content for my audience. In my free time, I write articles and blogs to provide the best information to my audience.

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