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Top 5 Gadget Innovations in 2012

If you make a quick glance in your life, you’ll see how ‘gadget full’ it is turned out to be. When kids during my time had colorful crayons, I know get to see colorful and different gadgets in their hands. Aside from the gadgets that have been produced, proliferation related to them hasn’t given a given us innovative and amazing new devices. Instead, we get to see similar phones, devices and tablets with just different names given. However, I must add here that there are a few exceptions to name a few; those products that have rooted done my personal faith in R&D. They are and have been various leaps of faith that gave an entire different, yet unique look in the competition. Not only do they work in a different manner, but also tackle our day-to-day problems, making us move toward technology faster.

To make it clear what I was talking about, I have selected top 5 gadgets of this year. Not only have I inspired by the technology they are upgraded with, but also the risk taking, utility and their design.

Google Glass:

You have to admit that Google has shown a good show this year through their tablets and smartphone involvement. But to be more futuristic, Google Glass is that innovation marks number 1 position in the top 5 innovative gadgets this year. Yes, I do know that most of us are still hoping to get the productive and final version of this particular wearable computer, but I do believe that is past more than just a little proof of any concept. In the beginning of this year, the world watched the thrilling take-over of Google producers through their Google Glass that was live-streamed skydive from the top part of the building. This stunt gave the potential to Google Glass as the must-have wearable computer, existing in the 21st century.

AR.Drone 2.0:

Surveillance has turned out to be a major fact present in our lives. We see cameras all around us and the patrol drones skiing around the world. We often wonder what it like is to be on the other part of the camera. For such thinking, Parrot’s AR.Drone gives the opportunity to average people like me in the position of the driver’s seat and a chance to see through your standard sized iPad. Similar as drones, you can fly it around up to feet in the sky through your iPad. It’s fun, powerful and addictive!


Yes, the most shocking surprise of the year is the innovation by Microsoft. From top to bottom: Windows RT Surface Tablet has been a stunner! It shocked the most of us as we were totally unaware of what Microsoft had in mind. Inside, the surface features a new ARM-ready OS that has been built and designed entirely by Microsoft. I know that Surface isn’t perfect. But, it’s unique in its place and the marketplace that says “I AM DIFFERENT”. Surface gave a new start to Microsoft that has a long way to go!

Samsung Galaxy Note II:

We have big phones…and big phones. Big phones have taken the tech world by storm! Here stands the 5.55 inched Samsung Galaxy Note II. In addition to the brilliant large display, the phone features a stylus that is knotted to this device. Not only does it senses the pen-screen-touching relation, but also tells when the pen is to hover over and out. Through this smartphone, Samsung launched their look-alike army of smartphones!


A camera that indicates similarity to that super-sized version camera that we used as a single-image viewer for getting birthday party pictures, has undergone evolution here folks! This odd piece of camera comes with a special gift packed inside. The oddball design of the Lytro allows you to snap around pictures that are capable of telling you one tale after another one! In simple words, it doesn’t matter how and to what resolution you focus; you will get crystal-clear information that is derivable for all parts of the image and it will allow you to access through the details on the particular webpage it is displayed at. I’m not sure whether Lytro will bag in success or not, but it is an impressive piece!

These are the top 5 innovations that created storm in the market and are by large, very different from those tech devices that have been given priority.

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Umair is a Digital Marketing Consultant. He loves writing about Digital Marketing & Technology. You can check his profile here.



  1. John McNamara

    December 26, 2012 at 5:17 am

    All great items but Microsoft SmartGlass should be on this list too I think.

  2. Thomas

    December 26, 2012 at 10:46 am

    Samsung galaxy note 2 is the gadget that has made me go crazy for it. This cellular device is so amazing with equally good features and a price that compliments the cell phone. It is more than just a mobile phone with multiple features that can give you the joy of using a laptop.

  3. Luice

    December 26, 2012 at 2:45 pm

    Nice list! Google glass is something incredible though it isn’t new. I think Asus Padfone should be included here too as it is a breakthrough product which combines Smartphone and tablet into an all in one device.

  4. John

    December 28, 2012 at 1:29 pm

    I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note II for my wife. She is a gadget junky and loves the high tech in such small packages. I have to admit, she is ahead of me on the new technology.

  5. Thomas

    January 18, 2013 at 11:45 am

    These all are great new gadgets of 2012 but I most like Google Glass because of new technology with amazing concept. The most discussed topics in 2012 are iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy 3, although they are not innovating because they have just upgraded the system. Lytro and AR.Drone 2.0 are not more discussed but they have really effective new features. Thanks a lot for sharing new technology gadgets information which gave new concept to the world.

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