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Top 4 New Tech Gifts for Your Loved One

In a world where tech companies are constantly releasing new devices and gadgets, it’s no surprise that you are bound to see new exciting tech gadgets each year. It is true that nowadays our lives are too much dependent on technology, and some people have proposed that it’s time we take a break from our beloved tech devices. However, the arrays of gadgets that are constantly being released surely make for some fantastic gifts. If you are having trouble choosing a gift for a friend or one of your teenage nephews or nieces, you can get some inspiration from a site like Bazaar Gadgets.

Here are some of the top 5 trending tech gifts for the ones you cherish.

#1 Smart Watch

The popularity of smartwatches has been increasing with every coming year in the recent past. Nowadays these gadgets come with an array of sophisticated and useful features that are bound to dazzle the mind of any tech enthusiast. Some smartwatches are designed with the ability to provide personal coaching, monitor various types of physical activities and health conditions, and come with on-screen video real-time statistics. If you have a friend or loved one in mind who loves to workout, this might just be right Christmas or birthday tech gift for them.

#2 Pet Tracker

Anyone who owns a cat or dog definitely understands the anxiety felt when their pet wanders off to an unknown place. A pet GPS tracker is a wonderful gift that will be gladly appreciated by any pet owner. These devices are designed to keep tabs on pets as well as monitor exercise levels, making them an ideal gift for any concerned pet owner.

#3 Virtual Reality Headset

When the reality you experience isn’t exactly what you had envisioned in the past years, perhaps it’s high time you upgraded to virtual reality with a top-of-the-range virtual reality headset. With these devices constantly getting more advanced to enhance the virtual reality experience, the user gets to experience a 360 degree 3D experience of any environment he/she desires. Think: social apps, video and computer games, and swiftly transporting yourself to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. These gadgets are casual and the latest designs are wireless, making them excellent gifts for the tech-savvy loved ones and friends.

#4 Wearable Blood-Alcohol Tracker

You already know it is dangerous to drink and drive. But for most people who drink there is no way to track how much alcohol you have consumed, especially when you are out with friends partying the weekend away. With this device, you can actually keep tabs on how much alcohol you are taking. The gadget is wearable on the wrist and provides alerts to notify the wearer when he/she reaches a certain blood alcohol level. It also estimates the time it will take for the wearer to sober up and transmits all these stats to your smartphone.

You don’t need to break the bank or hurt your wallet to get your tech-savvy friends or loved ones a gift. With these simple ideas, you can get them something that will not only be memorable but also greatly useful in their lives.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Cami

    November 13, 2018 at 4:40 pm

    Love my iWatch. Always a great gift idea.

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