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Top 4 .NET Framework Features for App Modernization

Functional programming, microservice-based applications and cloud computing have opened new doors for enterprises considering app modernization. This is because these elements are crucial in separating leading-edge applications from traditional practices. As .NET has rich support for evolving current applications most of the enterprises depend on a Microsoft dot Net Development Company for incorporating changes in their apps to make them up to date.

Session State Store:

The .NET framework has explicit support for session state store providers thus allowing the application to scale as workload increases and also makes debugging easier. This feature allows applications to store state in a process or database and restore the same to any context making it much easier to evolve for reuse which is not possible in legacy applications.

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Service Fabric:

This feature enables front-end work to be guided towards a back-end business process component utilizing a generalized service bus which facilitates publish and subscribe as well as multiple process instances. This fully distributed model not only supports ASP.NET but also hosting of business functions by Azure.

Azure Integration:

This .NET app mod feature facilitates absorption of front-end requirements of mobile as well as past platforms. You will be equipped for future BYOD requirements and also for application augmentation to improve employee productivity by exploiting mobile devices to facilitate remote activity if your app mod conversion leverages this capability. As .NET is supported in both data centres and Azure platform, the integration across the two platforms is way too easier.

Cloud and Microservice Design Pattern:

This feature is critical in facilitating the development of intricate applications. Design patterns are significant in the rapid creation of software and promote efficient application lifecycle management. It enables dot net specialists to follow the right path. It is the popularity of .NET framework that pushes the development of these design patterns and makes a lot of options available for dot net experts to choose from.

Enterprises relying on dot net experts will not only be an active participant of these futuristic trends but they will also lead these trends. Hope you had a useful read, stay tuned for more!

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