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Top 10 Wedding Apps for Android and iPhone

For many brides-to-be, organising their dream wedding is a complicated and time-consuming process but it is made easier with wedding apps designed for use on smartphones.

This means brides should ditch pieces of paper, notebooks, spreadsheets and to-do lists with the wedding planning apps streamlining the entire administration – and even enjoy apps that will help with discovering wedding dresses and designer dresses.

One of the best apps available is free and it’s called Hitched Wedding Planner which will manage all of the details necessary for a successful wedding; from budgeting to guest lists, it’s a one-stop shop for all of the necessary tasks and 49 of them are preloaded and there’s a chronological approach to delivering the wedding.

Brides can also use WeddingHappy which will also help them organise easily and will use the wedding date to create a customised schedule along with a checklist of things to do.

There’s also Evernote which is essentially a way to collate all of a bride’s administration including business cards, receipts, sample menus as well as invoices.

It’s a powerful app which can be used across several devices and store itineraries, web pages and photographs.

Wedding apps are designed to make organising the big day easier

However, not all wedding apps are designed to make organising the big day easier, for instance, Etsy offers an excellent app for its online shopping platform so brides can find imaginative wedding items which can also be tailor-made to their needs.

Again, Amazon offers brides an app to put together a wedding list so guests have a wider selection of suppliers to choose from. The app also has a bar scanner so the bride can ‘zap’ an item they would like as a present and add it easily to the list.

Among the paid for smartphone apps to organise a wedding, there’s Appy Couple which is a great way to stay in contact with wedding guests and will deal with RSVPs, as well as helping to organise travel and accommodation. It also provides the information a guest will need.

In the same vein of organising a wedding is Event Brite which is an ideal solution for bride organising a wedding overseas and will enable the creation of ‘tickets’ to the wedding which guests can then log in and buy.

Finding the ideal wedding dress

However, finding the ideal wedding dresses and designer dresses can be a stressful and time-consuming process so the app The Knot Look Book may prove useful to help deliver the potential wedding dresses and designer dresses that are available. In addition, The knot Look Book also highlights the best designers and then helps to determine which boutiques will have the dresses so there is no need to make unnecessary appointments.

This is also a time the bride will be searching for information and inspiration so the app Bloglovin may prove useful and enable a bride to follow their favourite wedding blogs easily.

Finally, brides today are moving away from hiring a professional photographer for their wedding and while disposable cameras have been popular for years, there’s also the app WedPics which enables those attending the wedding to share their photographs and video more easily – and enable the ordering of prints directly.

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