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Top 10 Time Management Apps for Your Online Student

Has your student ever expressed to you that they feel they don’t have enough time in the day? If we’re being honest, we all probably feel like that more often than not.

Students enrolled in online charter schools have the freedom to create their own schedule and control how they spend their time. If they’re not managing it wisely, though, they can still be bogged down with distractions that eat up their precious time and productivity.

Ironically, searching the Internet for time management tools can waste a lot of time. So, we’ve rounded up the top 10 apps and online resources to help your online student make better use of their time and focus on getting their work done.

1. Todoist

Todoist is a simplistic time management app that lets you create a custom schedule or to-do list for every single day. Students can set reoccurring dates and times and even add tasks directly from their emails and other apps. They can also flag priority items, add notes, set notifications, and create subtasks.

2. Marinara Timer

If you’re a fan of the Pomodoro technique or have found it effective for your student, you’ll want to check out Marinara Timer. The website lets you choose your “flavor,” or the type of time you want to use. You can opt for the traditional 25-minute timer (which includes pre-programmed five-minute breaks), or customize the work and break periods to suit your student’s study style.

3. iStudiez Pro

Juggling a full academic course load plus extracurricular activities can quickly become overwhelming if your student’s schedule isn’t organized. With iStudiez Pro, students have the ability to track and manage their schedule, homework, grades, teacher contacts, and to-do lists all in place.

4. Cold Turkey

The endless number of tools and resources online means there is also the potential for endless online distractions. Cold Turkey helps students stay focused by blocking these distractions—like games, applications, and websites—for a set amount of time. There’s also a mobile version that does the same for phones—making students quit all their distractions, cold turkey.

5. Clear

With Clear, your student can set concise, step-by-step lists that they can organize into digestible categories. This helps them quickly see exactly what they need to do for the day and where they should start. And they can set notifications to remind them of any tasks they may be overlooking and keep them on track.


How much of your student’s day involves “If this, then that”? If this project gets done, then I can play a video game. If my teacher responds to my email, then I need to update my assignment list. That’s exactly what IFTTT (If this, then that) is here to help them with—getting all their apps and programs to work together to automate some of the basic parts of their life and save some time.

7. RescueTime

RescueTime is a time-tracking app that records how and where your student spends their time online. They’ll get a weekly report that shows them what websites they’re on the most and notifies them when they’re spending too much time on a particular project. Once they have insight into these behaviors, they’ll be able to work on building better habits. RescueTime can even temporarily block the sites your student turns to when they’re procrastinating.

8. Timely

With Timely, your student can plan out their workweek and estimate how much time they’ll need to set aside to complete each task in their schedule. They can then go back and compare their predictions to how much time it actually took, in order to more accurately manage their time in the future.

9. Pocket

It’s easy for anyone to get distracted while they’re surfing the web. One Facebook post can lead to a blog article, which leads to a YouTube video, and then three hours later, your student is in a black hole with no work to show for it. Pocket lets users bookmark articles and web pages they find to read later—once they’re done with their day’s assignments.

10. Focus@Will

If your student struggles to concentrate when it comes time to study, Focus@Will can help them power through. The app uses neuroscience and music to boost productivity and increase attention spans by up to 400% (according to its developers).

Dive deeper into our blog for more tools and resources to help your online students succeed.

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  1. Lauren

    August 30, 2018 at 12:43 pm

    Good article,Students enrolled in online charter schools have the freedom to create their own schedule and control how they spend their time,thank you for sharing.

  2. James Brian

    September 24, 2018 at 5:47 pm

    Nice informative article 🙂

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