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TOP 10 Software Security Testing Companies

Here is the list of top 10 software testing companies that will make your job easier.

If you are concerned about the IT application quality at your firm, you will definitely need a software testing service provider to help you. Even after the in-house research for testing solutions, you might still find more scope for quality and performance of your IT applications. There are many top software testing companies that help you in improvising  the quality of your applications. These companies will help you save from investing capital in processing a testing team. In fact, you can receive quality services at a fraction of the cost.

These testing companies offer the best solutions along with adequate control over the process. Outsourcing testing services to specialised service providers is the best solution for cost-cutting and launching specialised products in the market.

Here is the list of top 10 software testing companies that will make your job easier:

1) IBM

IBM is a multinational IT company that offers business services and test automation solutions. They offer services to remove testing bottlenecks and help you deliver quality solutions that in turn help you take advantage of current marketplace opportunity.

2) Capgemini

Capgemini is acknowledged across the globe for comprehensive and industrialized software testing solutions. With thousands of testing professionals and application specialists on board, the company is positioned as a leader in offering top-notch software testing services. In addition, they also offer QA consulting.

3) Wipro

Wipro offers industry and domain specific software testing solutions which help to improve business resilience. Wipro’s solutions integrate deep industry insights and modern technologies for quality-assured software testing. The company has put efforts to bring evolution in software testing by moving in the direction of–on-demand, buy online and consume online.

4) Cognizant

Cognizant offers software quality assurance with its cloud-based software testing services. The services are intended to enhance testing efficiency and precision, cut-down the down time, reduce costs and promote a smooth workflow across processes.

5) HP

HP offers automated functional testing tools to identify the accuracy, completeness and quality of your software product.HP has also introduced its platform to increase the efficiency of manual testing. This manual software solution is a result of out of the box thinking and exceptional industry expertise.

6) Infosys

Infosys provides multiple options when it comes to software testing. Starting from custom validation to predictive analysis and specialised testing, Infosys provides exceptional service with a greater efficiency. It offers end-to-end software testing solutions spanning multiple technologies.

7) TCS

India’s IT giant TCS or Tata Consultancy Services is recognised worldwide as a leader in all categories of software testing. Test automation is the core part of their projects, which is also included in their development projects.

8) Test Unity

Test Unity is known for offering all types of software testing services. A strong community of highly skilled QA professionals and testers, Test Unity offers SaaS based technology platform to deliver world-class testing services.

9) Hexaware

Hexaware offers managed software testing services that are tailored to meet specific needs. Alongside software testing, Hexaware also offers BPO and consulting services.

10) Zensar

Zensar is a global digital and technology service company, offering efficient and high-quality testing services.

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