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Top 10 Slot Machines Based On Hollywood Blockbusters


Those of you that have at least some experience with online slot machines probably know that these games feature many different themes. Casino game developers look for inspiration in all kinds of fairy tales, legends, history events and even Hollywood movies. Therefore, a great number of Hollywood themed slots have been released these past years. We have decided to try some of the most popular reel games based on blockbusters and picked ten that we would gladly recommend to anyone. Aside from interesting theme, these games have fantastic graphic effects, cool sounds and thrilling special features. Some of them even offer massive progressive jackpots that can turn the luckiest of you into instant millionaires.

  1. Bridesmaids (Microgaming)

Well, Bridesmaids (2011) might be the best chick flick film ever made and thus it’s not surprising that Microgaming decided to use is as a theme for one of its most popular slots. This fantastic game features all six girls from the film, lots of unique bonus features and mouth watering prizes. Each time players gets three or more scatters (cupcake symbols), they will get a chance to spin the Bonus Wheel and see what the slot has in stock for them. Players can win cash prizes, a jackpot or one of the several different bonus features. Regardless whether you activate the Cupcake Booster, Flying High, Friendship Free, Boutique Bonus or Magic Moments, you can expect lots of fun and excitement.

  1. Psycho (NextGen Gaming)

Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960) is one of the greatest classic thriller films that have ever hit the screens. NextGen Gaming made sure that this fantastic movie will never be forgotten by developing an online slot machine that features the Psycho himself, the most recognisable shower scene from the movie and the shady Bates Hotel. In terms of gameplay, Psycho promises hours of entertainment with packed wilds, bonus features and re-spins. The action is set on five reels and players can play with up to 25 paylines. We would recommend Psycho slot to all fans of thriller movies, but we also warn you not to jump when you see a hand with a knife appear on the screen.

  1. Iron Man (Playtech)

Actually, there are three Iron Man themed slots and each features different villains and scenes from different Iron Man movies. Fight alongside Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and save the world as you activate exciting bonus rounds. If you choose to try Iron Man 2, you will get the pleasure to have the attractive Scarlet Johansson in your team, while Iron Man 3 mainly focuses on villains and various kinds of armour. These fantastic online slot machines were developed by Playtech and can be found at any of the real money Playtech casinos listed at Aside from being Hollywood themed Playtech casino games, these slots are mobile casino titles as well.

  1. Scarface (NetEnt)

Would you like to hang out with Tony Montana, Manny and Elvira and experience the life of a drug kingpin? If yes, you have two options: one is to watch the cult movie Scarface (1983) and the other is to play the Scarface slot machine developed by Net Entertainment. That’s right, someone thought that one of the world’s best movies of all time deserves a slot machine; thus, today fans of Al Paccino’s and Michelle Pfeifer’s most popular film can get free spins, fight hit men and trigger unique bonus rounds on one of NetEnt’s top played titles.

  1. Aliens (NetEnt)

Directed by James Cameron and starring Sigourney Weaver, Aliens (1986) had everything a film needs in order to become a real Hollywood blockbuster. This fantastic sequel to another blockbuster from 1979 called simply Alien is yet another popular slot theme NetEnt used as an inspiration. In cooperation with 20th Century Fox, the provider came up with a superb slot machine that offers possibly the best gameplay among similar modern video slots. Aliens slot features 3D graphic effects, a unique bonus feature that requires skill instead of luck and huge cash bonuses.

  1. Terminator 2 (Microgaming)

When the Terminator said his famous line “I’ll be back.” he probably didn’t think that he’ll be back on the slot reels. Nevertheless, life is unpredictable and therefore Microgaming gave life to another Hollywood movie themed slot called Terminator 2. By the name you can guess that there’s Terminator 1 as well; however, the second version offers enhanced gameplay, better graphics and more interesting symbols. Remind yourself of young Arnold Schwarzenegger in the role of the good natured Terminator helping Sarah Connor and her John to escape the T-1000 sent to kill the little boy.

  1. The Dark Knight Rises (Microgaming)

After the success of the slot The Dark Knight, Microgaming decided to develop one more Batman themed slot. This time the provider used scenes and characters from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises (2012), a film which was a real hit in cinemas worldwide. This project stars Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt; thus, all of them are included on the reels of this exquisite online slot machine. One of the slot’s most attractive features is the Batman Versus Bane, when the two of them appear on the screen fighting.

  1. The Three Stooges Brideless Groom (RTG)

Brideless Groom (1947) is the 101st short movie starring the American comedy team known under the name The Three Stooges. This old school blockbuster was recognised as a possible hit theme among slot fans and therefore it was used on Realtime Gaming’s slot The Three Stooges Brideless Groom. The game includes Shemp, Larry and Moe as they go on a mission to find Shemp a bride so he can get the $500k inheritance from his dead uncle. This slot is one of RTG’s top played titles and can be found at any casino powered by the provider such as the ones listed at

  1. The Mummy (Playtech)

In 1999 Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz shared the screen as Richard and Evely O’Connell, a married couple fighting the evil Mummy portrayed by Arnold Vasloo. This movie that earned over $415 million was a surprise hit that led to several prequels and sequels of The Mummy. Thus, Playtech got the idea to turn this movie into a slot, a move that proved very successful for the provider. Equipped with breathtaking graphic effect and realistic sounds, The Mummy slot will certainly take you on a mysterious adventure alongside Rick, Evy, the high priest and the Scorpion King.

  1. Rocky (Playtech)

One of Sylvester Stallone’s best known roles is the portrayal of Rocky Balboa, an uneducated but extremely kind-hearted Italian-American boxer. Playtech took this blockbuster movie and used it as a theme on its same named online slot machine. Rocky slot comes with a 10,000 coin jackpot, wild symbols and some pretty cool bonus features. For example, in the Knockout Bonus feature players get to choose an opponent for Rocky to fight; the offered choices are easily recognisable to fans of the movie – Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago and Apollo Creed.

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1 Comment

  1. Danish

    March 7, 2016 at 8:25 am

    Slot machines are amazing for a time pass. They can be sometimes even more fun than the consoles games. This is where you will come if you have nothing happening in your life.

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