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Top 10 Phone Tracking Apps

Phones have become important devices in people’s lives such that no one would like to lose their phones. It is for that reason that the use of the top phone tracking applications comes to play. The reason for these apps is to increase the chances of recovering one’s phone if it is lost, stolen or in the event that one needs to monitor the activities of their missing phone through the SIM. The top phone tracking applications therefore constitute the following:

PhoneLocator Pro

The PhoneLocator Pro is a reliable android phone tracking application that has the capability to remotely identify the location of a lost android phone. The process of searching for a lost phone can be done through any computer that is connected to the internet or alternatively by SMS.


This application is endowed with security features that make it possible for a user to easily track the location of their lost phone via GPS. With this application, it becomes easy to remotely locate your phone as well as use sim card alerts as long as GPS is enabled. An alarm system is also part of this system which produces sound to uncover the particular location of your phone.

Prey Anti Theft

This is an application that everyone should consider installing on their phone before they lose it. It comes with an easy to activate SMS setting that makes phone recovery somewhat of a breeze. It requires the user to type ‘go prey’ in order to activate the SMS service.

DoonDo Mobile Tracker

The DoonDo mobile tracker is compatible with android versions above 1.6 and helps in providing information about the individual who has your phone. For instance, it unveils any SIM activities every time the phone boots with this application. This information is then sent to a reference mobile handset thus making it easy to commence search for the lost or stolen phone.

Cell Phone Tracker

This application makes the processes of finding a lost phone easy through Google maps, as long as the phone has GPS enabled. Information or the details of the whereabouts of a lost phone can then be displayed on the user’s website for them to see. This is the convenience that one gets to enjoy once they opt in to use this easily accessible application.

Where’s My Droid

This is a phone finding application that is ranked among the top ten tracking applications in the apps market. In the event that one looses their phone, they can send a code through a text message to make their phone ring. While this is happening, another code gives the coordinates of the location of the phone via GPS. Alternatively, you can execute the commander option which controls the lost phone remotely. The pro version of this program allows the user to take photos of the phone’s surrounding.

Plan B

This phone tracking program employs the use of cell towers and GPS systems to uncover the location of a lost handset. The information of such a phone’s location is mailed to the owners Gmail account. When used with some phones, it can provide updates on the location of a lost smartphone after an interval of about ten minutes. For handsets that may not be as advanced as smartphones, users can send the word location from other phones and they will receive the actual position of their mobile devices in their emails.

Find My Phone

This particular phone tracking application is one that is built to be easy to use. It incorporates the use of GPS to locate lost phones. Typing the word “findme” initiates the search process while the “ringaloud” option activates the production of a loud noise. These features help to locate the actual position of a lost phone.

SeekDroid Lite

This phone tracking application has features such as sound alerts, GPS tracking, and remote phone control among others. With the pro version, one can monitor the movements of their android mobile phones through a map.

The above is a random list of some of the top phone tracking applications to choose from when one wants to deal with the problem of lost or stolen cell phones.

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Shanal works as an UI designer at TechAhead, a leading iPhone development company. He loves to spend his time reading books and searching for latest technology news. TechSling is one of his favourite sites where you can find him.



  1. Prakash

    August 7, 2013 at 1:07 pm

    Thanks for this very helpful article. I lost my Samsung Galaxy Y Smartphone and the apps you mentioned are really awesome to track it. I’ve installed Where’s my Droid. Lets see what will happen.

  2. Sagar nandwani

    August 7, 2013 at 1:10 pm

    This would be the useful post for almost all of us. Since we spend a lot of money on Smartphone devices it is important to take care of it wisely. These kinds of apps would be greatly recommendable and is useful too.

  3. Naser

    August 7, 2013 at 2:05 pm

    Thanks for sharing the list Shanal. I never tried any of the apps listed above. I use Lookout, but never got an opportunity to test its tracking feature 😀

  4. Howard Steele

    August 7, 2013 at 3:46 pm

    Plan B – cool name for a phone tracking app 🙂

  5. Nancy Brown

    August 23, 2013 at 2:06 pm

    Amazing article, I have been a victim of mobile theft myself and these apps are really helpful when you wish to track your phone. Unfortunately the mobile companies do not come forward to tackle mobile theft.

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