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Top 10 Parameters to Choose the Right White Label Software Program

The Software industry is booming. The benefits of digital transformation and high competition demand businesses make the shift to digital. This shift has pushed the demand for software, opening up opportunities for software sellers.

While developing robust software from scratch requires expertise, white-label partnership programs enable businesses to sell software and be a part of the spiraling software market.

In this article, read about the benefits of a White-label software program, and the top 10 tips to choose an ideal white-label product.

Let’s Understand what White-labeling is

White-labeling allows companies to sell software, developed by partner companies, using their brand. Such reseller programs let these companies offer software to the end buyers as their own, without the need to develop them in the first place.

Benefits of White-labeling software

Generating higher revenue. But depending on how selling white-label software strategy is implemented by businesses, multiple benefits can be obtained. Let us have a look at what those benefits are:

  • Shortening the go-to-market time for startups
  • Existing businesses can look to expand their product portfolio
  • Increasing sale opportunities for the software in the company’s existing portfolio.
  • Amplifying the brand image by leveraging quality white label products.
  • Software sellers can reach out to new markets with white-label products.

Finally, now that the benefits of white-labeling have been elaborated, you see potential in this approach, let us embark upon the journey of identifying the right company.

How to identify a White-seller Reseller program

Choose the Right Industry

Although the software market is booming, selecting the right industry for white label products can prove to be more beneficial. For instance, in the post-pandemic world, eCommerce is a flourishing sector.

Legacy stores, as well as startups, are looking for ways to start their own eCommerce business. At this point, white labeling eCommerce marketplace software holds promise and has a higher chance of success.

Choose the Right Company

White-Label programs are offered by many software development companies, but an ideal partner will have the following:

  • Existing portfolio of software products that have a measurable track record.
  • Experience in working with a global clientele.
  • 100% white-label products with no footprint of the development company.

Choose between Self-hosted and SaaS products

SaaS products are cloud-hosted and entail a dependency on the parent company to provide the services. White-labeling in this case may work with the involvement of the development company.

Self-hosted solutions, on the other hand, reduce dependency on the development company, as they can be obtained along with the source code.

Market performance of the software

The market performance of the software can be measured to understand the deliverables from the white label partner. Software that has an existing record of good performance would result in equally robust software.

Development practices

The development practices that are used to develop the software will determine their robustness. Software developed using Agile methodologies can result in robust software, developed collaboratively, in an iterative and incremental approach.

Underpinnings of the software

Software that is developed from the ground up will be purpose-built to solve the requisite needs of the customers. This results in software that is more desirable and fulfills the business objectives of the end-buyers. Consequently results in higher revenue. Moreover, the set of features offered to the end-users is equally relevant in this regard.

The Technology used in the development of the software

The software will be as good as the technology used to develop it. The software industry is a dynamic ecosystem with constantly evolving technologies. Software based on contemporary technologies will offer more to the end-users resulting in higher ROI for the software seller.

Price of the software

This point is a no-brainer. The right balance between the quality of the software and the price it is available at will determine the future sales of the software and its ROI from it.

After-Sales support

After-sales support from the parent company is quintessential to the success of the white-label program.

Terms and Conditions

Lastly, make sure you compare the terms and conditions for reusing the software before committing to the contract.

To Sum it up

White-label software program opens up multiple opportunities. The benefits of white-labeling make it an important multi-pronged business strategy. The 10 tips mentioned in this blog will help you identify the ideal white-label software.

Even easier will be to choose software with high demand. eCommerce is a flourishing space, with high demand, especially in the post-pandemic world.

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Rajneesh is working at FATbit Technologies as a Sr. business consultant. From choosing the right business idea to executing it effectively, he assists aspiring entrepreneurs in all aspect of starting a business. As a member of FATbit team, he is driven by the mission to simplify things for prospective & early stage startups. You can reach him through these contact points:,

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