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TOEFL Writing Practice: How to Get It Online

One of the best ways to prove to someone you know English is to show your test scores. TOEFL is one of the most famous and popular standardized English tests accepted worldwide. This and many other tests are required from all people who plan to study in the USA but aren’t native citizens. All international students are afraid of it, but they don’t understand the test’s benefits. First of all, all colleges and universities accept its results. Second, this test lets assess and boost your English knowledge. Finally, many companies and organizations prefer hiring candidates with TOEFL.

It’s possible to discuss the benefits of this test for a long time, but today we’ll mostly focus on some useful information for future test-takers. Many students are afraid of it, and especially of its writing part. If you want to know how the perfect TOEFL writing section should look, you can ask experts from Affordable Papers for assistance: they can write your college essays, create a TOEFL writing section and provide any other help you need. It’s one of the cheapest services all students like to use while studying.

Unfortunately, you can’t get writing assistance during the TOEFL examination, so your task is to prepare for it in advance. If you have good writing skills, you may skip this article and do what you want. Here we’ll focus on those who lack writing practice and must master it in the short term. There are many ways to get TOEFL writing practice online, and today we’ll share some tips with you. Read the article till the end and get a fantastic TOEFL score.

Steps To Getting Closer To Success In TOEFL

The TOEFL exam lasts long, and the writing part is especially long. It usually takes up to 50 minutes and consists of 2 parts: integrated and the independent writing task. The first one presupposes listening to a recording and writing something in response. The second one is own-essay. It can be difficult to master both sections without adequate preparation; therefore, we collected a set of writing tips and practices that’ll help you to score better. Just follow them, and you’ll succeed.

  • Use online Writing Practice Sets. TOEFL is much in demand, so finding a website with educational materials won’t be difficult. You can try to write various essays and listen to lectures for a long time, but it will hardly resemble the real TOEFL experience. Therefore, some experts decided to create sets from past year exams and let people carefully prepare for TOEFL. Sometimes sets don’t have audio but transcripts of the texts. It can differ from the true exam, but people who use them state that they are good.
  • Listen to different texts and reflect on what you’ve heard. If you can’t find the sets we mentioned in the previous point or don’t want to use them due to certain reasons, you can recreate an exam experience alone. Listening to texts is a useful activity for non-native English speakers because, first of all, you adapt to speech, its flow, pronunciation, and many other aspects. Second, you learn how to analyze text fast, allocate the most important thoughts and write a clear and concise essay on their basis. Isn’t it amazing?
  • Find TOEFL sample essays. Being good at writing doesn’t mean you should write 24/7. Good preparation should also include many other practices, and reading is one of them. All people who are involved in writing will agree that being a good reader is required from each writer. If you take TOEFL for the first time and aren’t acquainted with the examination process, you should first find some samples for each section. Then, after you get the idea of the exam, you can focus on the writing section. There are countless websites offering people to check essay samples. And they usually include TOEFL essay samples as well. See how independent and integrated writing tasks look like, what information do people include and not, and just be attentive. If you know someone who passed TOEFL, ask them to show their samples.
  • Find materials with follow-up questions. Integrated writing can be a bit complicated for people who have never practiced such an activity before. If you finished listening to a text abstract, stare at the monitor, and don’t know what to write, this tip is for you. Try to find reading or even listening materials that have some follow-up questions. These questions often serve one single purpose: to make you understand what’s the most important in the text. Make notes each time you listen to a text, analyze every word the speaker says and pay attention to questions. After you understand the way they are created, you won’t need to use these materials anymore, and integrated writing won’t be a problem.
  • Boost your vocabulary. You can have a lot of bright and fresh ideas but lack words to express them. It’s probably the worst situation. That’s why you must work on your vocabulary and learn new words every day. We advise you to find checklists with the most widespread TOEFL words and learn them all. Use any techniques you like: learn words through flashcards, upload them in a special app and learn while playing, etc. You have nothing to do at TOEFL if your vocabulary is poor.
  • Focus on specific aspects of grammar. We are glad if your grammar is good enough and doesn’t need practice. However, we don’t advise you to be so full of yourself. There are many areas of English grammar that need special attention, especially when it’s your second language. Here are aspects you should master: verb tense, infinitive, gerund, word choice, using different parts of speech appropriately, etc. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to punctuation and various constructions that may make your writing sound better.

Finally, the best writing practice for TOEFL is essay writing. You can do it at home while getting to any place and at any other moment when you have a free minute. Write more, and you’ll master your TOEFL easily.

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