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Tips & Tricks for Improving the User Interface of Your WordPress Website

It is likely that you may stick to the old and familiar website layout styles after using WordPress for a long time. However, one vital thing which you forget here is that your visitors are normal humans, who love to see new and more attractive designs. This is the reason why you need to have a website which has a User-Interface (UI) that brings in more visitors.

Moreover, the companies offering website design services these days are also constantly working towards developing fresh designs that not only attract more of visitors to your website but also develop user-friendly and effective websites that stand out from the rest. Therefore, to ensure that your website’s UI is performing well and is effective enough to make the visitors come back, here are a few essential WordPress website design tips and tricks that you should keep in mind:

Have A Website Design That’s Simple Yet Attractive:

One of the best elements of WordPress is its amazing customization feature. You may get lost with the various website templates the WordPress offers but you should not experiment a lot when the question comes to UI. Just keep it simple and stick to the classic design which has the navigational elements in the top and the search bar in the upper right section. You can change the colours as well as shapes if you’d like but having a totally new arrangement may just lead to the visitors getting confused.

Have A Responsive Website Design:

Having a responsive website design is extremely important with the increasing number of smartphone and tablet users browsing on the internet these days. Even though you may have worked really hard to customize a WordPress theme, it may later turn out to be frustrating for you if the website is unresponsive and fails to work on the smartphones and tablets. This goes without saying that in terms of UI, your website will be a disaster. Therefore, inspect and keep a check on all elements of the website’s UI and ensure that the images, articles are not too big or small and look stunning on a smartphone screen.

Use Images And Graphics Whenever Possible:

You can make use of images and graphics in articles you put on your website to make it more appealing as well as readable. Many companies offering website design services now employ all or a combination of elements such as illustration, iconography, photography and creative layouts. So, if you too adopt these approaches and create a kind of visually attractive and interesting website then you sure will go a long way in attracting more of visitors.

Make Use Typography:

After the visuals, another vital element you should not forget is typography as it plays an important role to build visual hierarchy. Most of the companies that provide website design services will tell you that fonts are often the most difficult thing in a website design. This is because each font will affect visitors in varied ways. Each font holds its own unique personality which may or may not work for the website’s UI. However, one of the biggest advantages of WordPress is that you can switch between the different font styles easily. So use this to your benefit. Include fonts that work for your website but always remember to maintain a font size which is readable in small as well as large screens both.

To conclude, always make sure that you do not combine a lot of elements and keep the website simple. This will help you to minimize chances of error and maintaining an effective UI. In the whole process, do not forget to keep your content unique and informative as the design and the content both are crucial and require to work together.

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Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprakdesign. A graphic and UI UX Design Company. He loves to share his thoughts on corporate presentation design, lifestyle product design, exhibition design, and more.

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