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Tips to Make an Old Mac Feel Like New Again

You know your Mac is getting old when it shows that beach ball over and over again for minutes on length just when you’re about to perform some action on it. Well, that happens with all machines and your mac is not an exception to that. With passing time, your Apple machine gets too much stuff on it to perform smoothly. The result is slow apps, unresponsive windows and sometimes, even a system-hang.

Don’t worry, though! We’ve brought workarounds to help you speed up your slow Mac and make it feel like new again.

Speeding up a Mac is not a tough job. You can do it manually by tweaking some system settings and performing a cleanup. And if you feel hesitant to do it manually, you can try something better.

The best free Mac cleaner

For not-so-tech-savvy users, the best free Mac cleaner is a robust and useful tool that saves their time and manual efforts. It performs cleaning and maintenance tasks more efficiently and fine-tunes you Mac for a better performance. While fixing performance-sapping issues is a time-consuming task for an individual, it is just a matter of a few tips for the best free mac cleaner.

Let’s see what manual tweaks and tricks you can use to clean up and speed up mac.

Uninstall old applications

Not all apps installed on your computer are necessary. If you don’t use them now, it’s better you must uninstall them. They’re doing nothing except wasting the space. Ask yourself why you still have these apps and get rid of them immediately.

Remember, even when you delete an app, the related stuff and data are still left behind. This takes up space, making you mac heavy and slow. It’s difficult to manually find and delete such data. You can instead use the best free Mac cleaner to do it for you.

Organize your desktop

Desktop icons are also responsible for making your Mac run slowly. The more you have them, the slower your Mac performs. The reason for this is that these icons consume system memory. To prevent this from happening and speed up mac drastically, you can delete the unwanted icons or move them to different folders. Keep these folders compressed and provides relevant names to them.

Manage the startup

When your computer boots, some apps and services also become immediately active. These simultaneously launching items are called startup or login items. These can slow down the startup process dramatically.

You can disable unused startup items manually to speed up mac. Simply use System Preferences > Users & Groups and then click on the Login Items tab. Tick each unwanted item and hit the minus button. You can make the process faster and prevent any accidental removal by using the best free mac cleaner.

Free up the hard drive

The hard disk drive is the location where your files and downloaded data get stored. No matter how much of the disk space you have, you’ll run out of it if you tend to save heavy files and folders. Thankfully, you can speed up mac by making these fixes: delete unwanted, heavy files like games and movies, clear the cache, empty the trash cans, and clear up the default Downloads folder.

For those feeling shy about tweaking the hard disk manually, the best free Mac cleaner can be a powerful tool to handle all these tasks, single-handedly. The best free Mac cleaner is designed to optimize your mac’s stability, functionality, and performance so that it runs as smooth as ever.

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