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Tips for Improving Local SEO Results and How a White Label SEO Agency Can Help

Local SEO is crucial for businesses because it helps attract customers with legitimate buying intent. Here are some tips to improve local SEO results for your clients.

Some businesses often need to market products or services to customers in a specific vicinity. For example, a housecleaning company based in Buffalo, New York, will want to target customers within the city because providing services in neighboring areas would be unfeasible and impractical.

Such businesses must be careful with their marketing efforts and campaigns because their target audience is geographically restricted. While they can opt to place advertisements in newspapers or buy billboards in those areas, the reality is that these channels are expensive and often not as effective as digital marketing avenues. In addition, tracking lead generation through traditional marketing channels remains difficult. That’s where SEO efforts prove beneficial.

Most marketers unanimously agree that SEO is one of the most effective ways to generate organic traffic. Hubspot’s 2022 State of Inbound Marketing Report shows that marketers believe SEO is the second most effective channel for acquiring new customers.

Local SEO has become even more important recently because the best local SEO practices can help these businesses target customers in specific regions. It’s similar to organic SEO, except with an added geographical element. Local SEO aims to help companies rank well in the SERPs for localized searches.

Research shows that 97 percent of consumers learn about a local business online. In addition, 72 percent of consumers who perform a localized search visit a store within five miles.

These results show that user intent for localized searches differs from organic SEO. While some customers might use organic SEO for informational purposes to educate themselves during the early stages of their buying journeys, localized SEO searches are performed by users looking to buy a product or service quickly.

As a result, businesses need localized SEO to ensure they can generate more leads and sales. If your agency provides local SEO services to clients, you’ll want to ensure you’re using the best practices for effective results. If your agency doesn’t offer local SEO services, consider partnering with a white-label SEO marketing agency to ensure you can deliver more effective marketing campaigns to clients that increase leads and revenue. Rocket Driver is a white-label industry leader that was established in 2011. The company has helped new and established agencies with its innovative and unique SEO services.

Claim a Google Business Profile for your client

The first step your agency must take is to claim a Google Business Profile for your client. Statistics show that approximately 46 percent of Google searches are for local services or businesses. A Google Business Profile is essential for creating an online presence for your client’s business. It’ll ensure that your client’s business appears when people search for it on the search engine.

Optimizing your client’s Google Business Profile will also help because you can add a link to their website. In addition, you can also insert their business’s phone number, which makes it easier for clients to contact them. Similarly, add their location to their profile to ensure it appears on Google Maps, allowing customers to find the business easily.

Moreover, optimization lets you include a short business description and highlight the salient attributes of your client’s business. You can also link your client’s social media profiles in the profile for increased visibility. These social media links also provide search engines with additional information about your client’s business, boosting their ranking in the SERPs.

Focus on Internal linking

Internal linking is crucial for local SEO. Search engines like Google and Bing get more context about your client’s website when internal linking is performed correctly. It’ll also help the less frequently visited sections of your client’s website get a boost in search engine results.

Use Content Marketing to Rank well for Localized keywords

Content marketing is essential for local and organic SEO because they pair well. Content marketing doesn’t only help your client’s website rank higher on search engines because of more indexable pages, but it also lets you utilize localized keywords for better local SEO results.

The best way to utilize content marketing for local SEO is to host a blog on your client’s domain. It’ll help acquire links to the client’s blog and business website.

Create blog posts with localized keywords for your client’s business. For instance, if you’re performing SEO services for an Italian restaurant on Upper East Side, NY, ensure that you utilize the neighborhood and city names in your blogs wherever possible.

Many content marketers often write solely about their client’s businesses. This approach can backfire because readers feel like you’re constantly advertising to them. Focus on providing informational content that helps readers instead. For instance, create blog posts about the best Italian restaurants on Upper East Side or Italian restaurants with the best risotto in NYC. Similarly, you could also create guides about the traditional Italian meal structure and promote your client’s restaurant in it.

Content marketing can significantly help your client’s business, but creating a well-thought-out content marketing strategy is time-consuming and resource-intensive. Consider getting white-label content and copywriting services from a reputable white-label content marketing agency like Rocket Driver. It’ll help your agency focus on other important activities, like maintaining client relationships and acquiring new clients.

Optimize your Client’s website by making Phone numbers click

Statistics show that approximately 30 to 40 percent of mobile searches are location-related, which makes optimizing your client’s website for mobile devices crucial. More importantly, users searching for localized results on mobile devices have a legitimate buying intent. As a result, they’ll aim to call a local business for more information. Ensure that phone numbers on your client’s website are clickable. It’ll help users because they won’t have to spend time switching between apps and manually inserting your client’s phone number into their phone.

If you’re unsure how to make numbers clickable on a client’s website, Google has an excellent guide to help you.

Add Maps and Testimonials

Local SEO aims to make businesses more visible to people in their vicinity. Adding a map for your locations makes it easier for customers to find your client’s business. Maps also help increase your client’s website’s ranking in search engine results.

Similarly, Google also considers testimonials an important trust signal for local SEO. Consumers are more likely to visit a business if it has testimonials from local customers because it provides legitimacy and credibility.

Performing local SEO can often be challenging and time-consuming for agencies. If your agency’s resources are stretched thin because of local SEO efforts, consider outsourcing white-label SEO services from Rocket Driver.

Partner with Rocket Driver to Provide Better Local SEO Results to Clients

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Check out their website, You can also contact Rocket Driver to kickstart a white-label partnership today.

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