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Tips for Designing a Website Layout that Converts

For you to succeed in your business, you need to have a high converting web design layout. Having an excellent marketing team, quick site loads, beautiful products, and excellent optimization are essential. However, if your site’s layout is poor, it may not lead to conversions.

You, therefore, need to design a website with a layout that can help you convert your visitors if you want to succeed online. And a layout that works well is more than being just easy to use. If you want visitors to spend more than half a second on your site, your layout needs to be a conversion machine.

In this article, you’ll learn how to design your website layout in a way that will not only attract visitors but will also increase conversions.

Make it Simple

According to Hicks Law, giving people more choices makes them take long to decide on a selection. A longer time is right for the business, but many options may frustrate your visitors, and you don’t want that to happen.

It’s therefore crucial that you make an intuitive layout. In your menu, include common terms such as Contact Us, FAQ, About Us, and Blog. Don’t use terms that your visitors aren’t able to understand, as this may make you lose on conversions. Utilizing a design system manager will ensure that this process is smooth and consistent.

Your site’s aim should also be to walk your visitors to an action you want them to take. It may be to make a call, complete a form, or share your content with others on their social media platforms.

Coordinate Your Colors Well

Colors communicate different messages and evoke readers’ emotions. You want to use colors that express your unique selling proposition and brand message. According to recent research, 85% of shoppers said that website colors influenced their buying decisions.

As a marketer, therefore, you need to use the psychology of colors to improve your conversions. Research some color schemes that your audience can resonate with and pick two to three. A color wheel can ease your research as it will give you complementary or analogous colors. Once you find the right colors, make them appear appealing to keep people on your site for long to make buying decisions.

Use Large but Few Images

Pictures communicate volumes of words. Research indicates that larger photos increase conversion rates than smaller ones. If the pictures on your site are relevant to your content, they will portray your brand’s message. A good web design layout uses the same style of imagery throughout the site. The images should also reflect the design of your business.

It’s advisable to use one or two large images and many small ones. Websites without pictures are boring to look at, plain and may portray unprofessionalism. However, that doesn’t mean you should cram your site with very many images. Too many photos may decrease your page’s loading time. Use relevant images where they are needed.

Use Predictable Layouts

You want to have a predictable layout for your site to increase your conversion rates. There may be prizes for the most creatively designed websites. However, these may not lead to conversions. Visit other sites in your niche and see how simple their layouts are. That will give you an idea of how your layout should resemble.

You can also find relevant companies like Bond media that can design for you a simple layout with phone numbers, logos and call to action. Don’t overload your site with toys and bells. Remember, you’re aiming to make conversions, and a simple layout can help you achieve that.


If your conversion rate is on a downward trend, the problem could be the design of your web layout. You need to simplify its design, coordinate its colors, and make it predictable. Success comes by taking action. This is your time for acting.

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