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Tips to Choose the Right VoIP Provider

Migrating to the VoIP telephone system can prove to be an extremely wise move because it would help your business to become more efficient, productive and mobile. However, one of the strongest driving forces behind VoIP implementation is reduction in communication costs. Business owners are always on the lookout for ways to reduce communication costs and enhance the productivity of their employees. Both the aforementioned objectives can be achieved only when you have an efficient VoIP provider. In order to make the most of VoIP telephone system, you will need to hire the best VoIP service provider in the market.


Here are a few tips that would help you choose the right VoIP provider:


The communication needs of every business are unique and you will have to hire a provider who takes care of your unique business needs. For instance, a big organization would need a VoIP service provider to streamline the communication spread across several office or store locations or make cheaper overseas calls. On the other hand, a small organization would need only the basic telephony features. Thus, when you are choosing the VoIP service provider, you will have to hire the one that can take care of your business’ unique communication needs. Your VoIP provider should be able to offer you the most appropriate pack that suits both your needs and budget. There is no point in choosing a package that offers advanced telephony features that you might never really need. Thus wasting your money on a package that does not address your needs will not be a wise move.

Value-Added Features

Businesses can use the value-added features offered by VoIP service providers to improve their efficiency and productivity. A few free value added features that helps your company to efficiently handle calls and offer a better customer service are call queuing, call greetings, call recording, call forwarding, auto attendant, music on-hold, virtual fax, conferencing etc. You should opt for the VoIP provider that offers you all these and more features free of cost.


Upgrades are a reality that every growing business would need in order to accommodate the latest communication needs of the company. You will have to choose a VoIP provider who can assure you of upgrades to accommodate more employees or opening up of branches at other locations. Thus, you should ask your VoIP provider about the scalability opportunities and cost factor associated with upgrades.


Failure in the VoIP system can lead to huge losses in business opportunities, productivity and reputation. Thus, it is extremely important for the VoIP service provider to provide a reliable solution that has near zero downtime. You should also find out about the fault tolerant components used by the VoIP service provider and the disaster management strategy followed by them. You should also find out whether they provide good customer support or not because if you are not able to get prompt assistance during an emergency then it can lead to more problems.

Contract term

Now, this is the trickiest part of the entire process as there are many VoIP service providers who do not bother to get a contract signed but there are others who would want you to get into a long term contract. You will need to choose a provider who offers some kind of flexibility when it comes to contract terms. Try to choose the one that offers at least a 30 day money back guarantee. If you find the service to be inadequate then you can always get a refund and hire another provider. It is all about finding the perfect VoIP service provider who takes care of all your business communication needs.

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