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Is It Time for Your Business to Adopt a New Learning Stance?

As soon as the Internet came into existence and started to make its presence felt, the eLearning approach started to bloom. According to global online analyses, over 3 billion people across the globe are connected to the Internet and the trend continues to rise each day. Hence, the reach of eLearning is endless.

Although it is quite beneficial for students, eLearning software also became an indispensable tool of growth for the business. Actually, it is estimated that the global eLearning market will reach $325 billion by 2025. And the reason is quite obvious, as this digital solution offers worldwide accessibility, lower costs, and most-importantly, the much-needed flexibility and accuracy.

Wondering if it is the right choice for your business? Well, maybe it’s time to realize the potential that the eLearning base provides by taking a look at some of the advantages that come along with its implementation.

LMS is Cost-Effective

Using a Learning Management System quickly improves a company’s budget by cutting unnecessary costs. For example, the Golden Harvest Seeds Inc. company reduced the costs of employee training from $175-200 to under $100 simply by using eLearning. Brick by brick, eLearning removes traditional training expenses, including facility costs, equipment, employee training time and travel expenses.

The user-friendly, simplified learning process of LMS supported by valuable data saves you a lot of work hours, while also allowing you to easily maintain and update information online, with the ability of mobile access on the go. The eLearning software is a cost-efficient resource for improved business performance.

Global Market Gold Mind

What is the number one requirement for success? Satisfied clients, of course. Thus, eLearning taps into the global market due to the widespread access to information. Thanks to the quality education of each and every employee, which leads to a 50% performance boost, companies applying eLearning training methods can generate 26% more revenue per worker.

On the other hand, this only applies when organizations know their target audience. To truly benefit from LMS features, one must have a well-designed strategy of attracting visitors and using quality online content to engage them.

Staying On Top of the Game

Nowadays, approximately 77% of U.S. companies offer online training in order to improve their professional development. Given that they have visible results of a 42% revenue increase, it is tough to follow and overcome such a rise in numbers without eLearning integration.

Staying on the same level as or ahead of the competition is important, but this is precisely what this platform provides. In addition, LMS can support small and start-up business by making them more prominent on the market and helping them grow into a distinguished brand. While for large organizations, eLearning grants a steady but promising rise year after year.

Feedback and Up-To-Date Analysis

As we’ve mentioned before, flexibility is one of the eLearning software perks. Not only are employees able to access the learning material over their mobile phones, they are able to get real-time feedback during an online training course. Since everything is conducted online, managers can easily get up-to-date analyzes on the course effectiveness and individual performance of each employee.

This is yet another advantage of online training versus traditional manual labor of conducting the progress statistics. Also, as gamification makes the learning more productive, management can include quick learning games to better engage their workforce. All the employees need to do is to have the correct answers prepared while the system automatically grades and evaluates the results.

Retention Increasing Tool

Staying on the gamification topic, did you know that visual aids assist in better retention, remembering, and retrieving information? The beauty of eLearning properties is the ability to create engaging and fun training courses via the use of games, slides, and videos. Having said that, it’s no wonder why the performance rate increases, as employees are able to rapidly adopt essential knowledge and practice what they have learned through the interactive platform of eLearning software.

Personalized Employee Experience

Another essential feature of LMS software solution is the fact that every employee experience is personalized. Meaning that different people don’t learn the same way, but the eLearning training is specially designed to fit this purpose. Although the learning material is consistent for all users, learners can control the pace of learning and customize the course according to their educational requirements.

Consider that eLearning allows employees to study whenever and wherever. So, the workers can make their own schedule to follow and choose the most effective and comfortable environment for their learning style.

Worldwide Collaboration

Though it may seem that eLearning software can be used for a globally available, yet individualized way of learning (which is true), the system is also an excellent tool for worldwide collaboration.

With eLearning on the company’s side, the business can immediately get in touch with staff from around the world. It enables teams to come together and work on solutions in real-time. So it is a win-win situation for the business and its experts from across the planet.

The Final Words

The online lifestyle and Internet-based solutions are the future. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that eLearning is the future, ready to take over and replace the traditional time-consuming and costly methods. With every passing day, more organizations are beginning to realize the benefits of and implement the eLearning solution as a way of improving their performance and increasing revenue. And why wouldn’t they, with so many benefits supporting their change for the better?

But the real question is, “Are you ready to discover the business advantage of eLearning software?” Whatever your choice may be, the fact is that this digital asset will continue to influence the market and the industry, shaping the world for the better.

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Kamy Anderson is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of corporate training and education. He is an expert in learning management system & eLearning authoring tools - currently associated with ProProfs.

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