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Three Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Mattress

Although it may be hard to believe, buying a new mattress can be a protracted and tiring process. Because most people are ignorant of what they should be searching for and how to approach the entire issue, they end up making mistakes that are not only expensive but cost a lot in terms of bad quality of sleep and spinal fatigue. Some common mistakes to avoid:

Buying a Mattress That Is Too Hard

When you choose a mattress that is too firm, only the parts of your body which are very heavy get the support resulting in the muscles not being able to relax sufficiently. Consequently, you get up the next morning feeling exhausted and with a body that aches all over. It is only when the mattress is of the right firmness that you end up with a spinal alignment that is correct and the right degree of body support and circulation. If you are getting confused about the various terms of mattress build and quality, it may be a good idea to educate yourself by referring to loom and leaf mattress reviews online.

Not Testing Out the Mattress Properly

Most people tend to test how a mattress feels by pressing their hands on it and end up making a very expensive mistake. It is essential that you lie down on the mattress in exactly the same way that you would do at home. Ask for a pillow, lie on your back and relax and then turn over and lie on your side. Take your time, because it is not possible to form any opinion if you just lie down, and get up the next minute, especially when you are testing a number of them at one go. If two people are going to sleep at the same time, it is essential to test it when both are on it. Mattresses that look and feel supportive under the weight of one person may be completely inadequate for two people.

Getting Too Constrained By the Budget

It’s true that there’s never enough money but you should scout around and see the range of prices that mattresses are normally available and allocate enough money to enable you to buy something that’s worthwhile. Remember, a good mattress has a life of at least 10 years. When shopping, tell the salespersons your budget but also indicate that you are prepared to be flexible to some extent as this will often allow you to get a superior product at a small incremental addition.


Buying a mattress is all about making informed decisions and you should never get into a situation where you are being forced to make up your mind by a pushy salesman. Retain you focus on the product and make sure that you buy a quality product that has the requisite durability, comfort, and support that will ensure sound sleep and good health.

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