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Things You Need To Know To Know Before Diving Into SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most effective way of driving traffic to your site. In addition to driving traffic for free, SEO also allows you to drive targeted traffic which increases your conversion rate. If you just created a new site and going to promote it using SEO, there are a number of things that you need to know about:

Quality trumps quantity when it comes to links

In 2008, all you needed to do was to submit a few articles to article directories and guest post on a few sites and your site would shoot up the results pages. Things are no longer that easy. While the above techniques will drive some link juice to your site, the effect won’t be that impactful. For google and other search engines to notice you, you need to get quality links from high-quality sites such as Huffington post, Forbes, and others that are related to your site. When you get links from these sites, it means that you have something of value to share.

Short content is mediocre

If you are creating your first site, you need to know that you won’t go far with short articles (300-500 word articles). Studies done by Buffer show that longer content of between 1500-3000 words performs better than shorter content. In addition to the longer content being loved by search engines, readers also love it thus share it more than the shorter content. The more shares that you get, the more reputable you appear and the higher up the rankings you climb.

Write for search engines and you are doomed

While you will be optimizing your content for search engines, you shouldn’t write for them—you should write for your readers. One of the important ranking factors is the bounce rate. If people leave your site as soon as they enter, it shows that they aren’t getting what they are looking for. This sends a message to search engines that your content is mediocre.

To have a bump up in the search results you need to work at retaining people in your site. This calls for you to deliver great content. Studies show that the human mind processes images better than text; therefore, you should include plenty of images in your work. Great places to get high-quality images include: Dribble, 99Designs, and Creative commons. If you are a good graphic designer, you should create infographics. You can also hire a professional graphic designer to help you with the design.

You should promote your content more than you create it

The time of creating content and praying for people to read it or the mindset of creating and waiting for people to come is long gone. It’s estimated that over 2 million posts are created every day. With all this noise there is no way that people are going to find your content if you don’t promote it. There are many ways of promoting your content. You can use social media, guest posting, and even paid ads.


If you don’t like the stress that comes with SEO you should consider hiring an SEO company to help you out. If you don’t have any SEO knowledge and willing to learn, there are plenty of SEO training programs that you can join also.

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Google and Bing Certified, Trained Students Of IIT Kharagpur, Montpellier University.Visionary Entrepreneur and Trainer.

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