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The Ultimate Pre-Launch Mobile App Marketing Strategy

By 2019, 72% of all U.S digital ad spending will be represented by mobile advertising and the aforementioned fact solidifies the importance of mobile app marketing in future. To build a chart-topping app, its pre-marketing strategy should be spot on or else, the app is destined to fail.

By 2019, 72% of all U.S digital ad spending will be represented by mobile advertising and the aforementioned fact solidifies the importance of mobile app marketing in future. To build a chart-topping app, its pre-marketing strategy should be spot on or else, the app is destined to fail. 

Creating pre-hype of an app isn’t easy, and there are numerous ways to do it. While some people follow old-school rules, below are some of the top pre-app marketing strategies that will help your app in ranking at the top.

Pre App Marketing

Marketing an app before its launch is a pretty tedious and fantastic thing at the same time. If done rightly, the app may not only secure top spot in the app store, but it may also rake in a hefty amount of money.


Creating a pre-website is best to build the hype for your app. It will include the initial insights of an app that must be catchy and intriguing. A pre-website is highly feasible to build the right audience for your app even before the launch.

To get your audience glued to the website, it should have an impeccable user interface and a highly engaging user experience. Additionally, the website should look, feel and work right. The catch is – pre websites are best to collect emails of the target audience.

Content Marketing

If a marketing plan doesn’t include content marketing a priority, it is of no use. Content is king, and it will be at the top spot in coming years too. A successful content strategy includes an ebook that gathers emails and aware masses about the app and its features, a blog that covers pertaining topics and helps in converting leads, and most importantly, social media marketing that has become the most sought-after marketing channel globally.

Let’s dwell each content aspect separately so that it highlights the importance of every content marketing medium. Blogging is one of the oldest content marketing tactic where you would be creating content around your app, and it will get posted various websites with high DAs (Domain Authority). By this way, it will drive more traffic on your pre-site and people will get more awareness about your app.

When it comes to gathering emails from the target audience, spreading awareness about the app and creating value among the online community, ebooks works perfectly. Fresh content fueled with informative tone will help you gather more users for your app.

Pre-Social Media Marketing

When it comes to spreading rapid and maximum awareness of your app, creating intriguing, engaging and catchy social media content is the key to success. Conceptual and well-written social media copy is essential to get an app noticed among the online communities. Make sure your content has a hook to leave your audience curious about your app. 

Social media content is best to make the audience aware of your app, its functionalities, and the value it would add in their life. Eventually, social media content will help to rake in more eyeballs and attention to your app.

Pre-App Demo Videos

Pre-app demos are great to trigger your audiences before the launch. Short demos or teasers are incredibly effective for a pre-launch strategy. Showing compelling features via videos would get more views than the written content, and it is an enticing way to display your app according to your wish.

This tactic will chip in more results and exposure along with extracting great online app marketing results. Include exotic glimpses of your app in pre-demos and with such increased viewership on Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn, pre-app demos are already taking on the mobile app marketing industry in 2018.

Influencer Marketing

Creating some noise for your app in the industry is a must and is highly effective for getting an app noticed among the right people. This is what influencer marketing is all about. If done rightly, this medium of app marketing can do wonders for an app and pre-hype.

Distribute the app among reviewers and influencers of the app industry. This will bring in tweets, Facebook posts, likes and shares for your app that would eventually shape up in massive social media engagement.

Additionally, reviewers, journalists, and bloggers will love getting the first hands-on experience of your app, and kind words of mouth from the influencers will help your app rank better in the app stores.

Soft Launch

Soft Launch is basically the beta testing of an app with a style. Realising an initial version of your app is a must, and most likely, this pre-versions are expected to have some major or minor development glitches.

You can be sure whether your app will get a negative response or a calm one and for killing bad reputation, a soft-launch plays its part. You can always offer specific app incentives to attract early installers, and the pre-launch can be used as a bug hunting event too.

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Rameez Ramzan is a Senior Digital Marketing Executive of Cubix - mobile app development company. He specializes in link building, content marketing, and site audits to help sites perform better. In his leisure time, he likes to read blogs related to Content Marketing and by the way, he is also a big fan of Neil Patel.

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