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The Top 5 Wellness Careers to Consider After College

When you are in the last year of college, you start to think about what to do after you graduate. There is certainly a lot of pressure to be independent and to earn money so you can support yourself. A lot of people join the corporate world and others take a year off to unwind and figure out the right career path to take.

No matter where you stand right now, there are jobs everywhere that you can get to showcase your skills and abilities while also doing good for others and the community. If you are about to graduate with a health and wellness degree or if this field is something you are interested to explore, then consider these five wellness careers after college.

1. Community Health Worker

As a community health worker, you will have firsthand knowledge about how the health service operates in a community. You will work with health agencies, public officials, youth, and other organizations to make sure that everyone has access to health care especially the underprivileged and marginalized sector of the community. This will give you a great head start as you start your career path in the health service industry.

2. Health Coach

Being a health coach requires knowledge and a set of soft skills to understand and relate to their clients. As a health coach, you will give advice, offer your personal experience and motivate your clients to create and achieve their health goals. You need to be well-educated on nutrition and fitness to give recommendations that will cater to your clients’ health needs. You can work as a freelancer or at wellness centers, schools, and even companies.

3. Drug Addiction Recovery Specialist

Working in alcohol and drug abuse recovery centers is truly a rewarding experience. It’s a different but effective way to make a lasting impact on other people’s lives. There are a lot of ways that you can harness your skills by working at these centers. You can take part in the detoxification treatment, inpatient rehabilitation, family programs and even outpatient care and programs focusing on the transition to community life. Feel free to visit if you want to learn more about the different treatment programs you can partake in, the facility and the resources available.

4. Longevity Wellness Specialist

As a longevity wellness specialist, you don’t just focus on how modern medicine provides cure and recovery to our body but also on other means and habits that we can adapt to enrich our lives in a sustainable way. You can take all the knowledge that you learned in college and apply it in a real way. You can advise people how to make smart lifestyle choices based on how they eat or how they spend their time. 

5. Youth Nutritionist

Being a youth nutritionist is very critical to achieving a healthy lifestyle. As a young graduate yourself, you can serve as a role model and an ambassador by promoting healthy food choices, exercise and getting rid of bad habits like alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. This is a great career choice for anyone who wants to make a lifelong impact on teens who are suffering from obesity, anorexia and other eating disorders.

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