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The Top 10 Mobile Applications Used In The World Today

As you have seen in the current world, with the advents of Smartphone, the use of smart applications has been increased.  The reasons are that mobile apps assist in lots of day to day jobs and most of these applications are free to download. Secondly, these apps are supported on various phones. Furthermore, mobile applications or apps can be utility software, social media apps, or any multimedia tools  that can run on mobile phones. This article encapsulates the list of the top 10 most-used applications all over the world.

1. Facebook : Social-networking app

Covering billions of users, Facebook has become the most-used app in the world today. Many users now access their Facebook account through their mobile devices.

2. Google+ mobile app

Google+mobile apps are wonderful smartphone applications that provide free communication media between users who have a Google+ account. With Google+ mobile apps users can video chat, manage mails with categories and share posts and images among friends and family.

3. Google Maps

Google Maps is the one of the most useful smartphones apps that comes with one of the smartest and powerful interaction and routing  tools to guide users through various difficult paths. The intelligent functionality integrated with this application can also save you from various traffic ordeals.

4. Twitter

Twitter is a social-networking and blog-sharing site that has lots of account holders. The Twitter app is very easy to use.  You just need to use your account information i.e. your login ID to gain access to your profile.

5. YouTube: video-sharing site

YouTube has the highest ranking among video-sharing sites. It mostly comes pre-installed on various smartphones so that users can enjoy watching  video and capture live beautiful events to share.

6. Skype

Skype enables video chatting from computer to phone, or phone to phone. It can be used free of charge or with minimal charges.

7. WeChat: chatting service

WeChat allows users to share communication such as audio, video and text among dear ones. The app is developed by Tancent in China. Since its inception in 2011 this application has become one of the most-used chatting apps among smartphone users. It is supported by various operating systems such as Android, blackberry, IOS,  windows phone and Symbian.

8. Instagram

Instagram is a internet-based photo and video-sharing service that is equipped with various functionalities such as clicking,  filtering and publishing pictures on various social-networking sites. Within a few years of its launch, this app has found a top position in the list smartphone apps.

9. Facebook Messanger

Facebook Messanger is the mobile application that helps Facebook users chat through voice or texting.

10. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the online messaging service that assist in sharing toll-free instant messages. It is  supported by various smartphones and is updated frequently with new functionalities.

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David Meyer is a skillful application developer from CSS Chopper which is considered as the best mobile app development company. His dedication has brought the lots of innovation in the Smartphone application domains.



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