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The Technology Enhancing the Convenience of Digital Style Markets

Throughout the 21st century, the rise of digitalization has revolutionized numerous fashion-related markets. From a convenience standpoint, technology has brought unprecedented levels of accessibility to diverse aspects of various sectors. Concepts like augmented reality have enabled global organizations to broaden their horizons and embrace web-based marketing strategies in their efforts to expand their respective audience bases. So, let’s take a look at several examples of how technology is driving online fashion markets into a new convenience-oriented era.

Ever-Growing Eyewear Market 

According to a study at, the global eyewear industry is forecast to enjoy a compound annual growth rate of 8.1 percent between 2020 and 2027. As of 2019, the sector was worth $138.7 billion, with heightened revenues projected over the coming years. Regarding augmented reality, the market has been a leading figure for a sustained period of time, and that doesn’t look likely to change with Facebook planning to release their AR glasses in 2021. In this field, worldwide sales of smart AR glasses are projected to grow by 17.1 million units, as per

However, it isn’t just in integrated technology that the eyewear sector has embraced the potentials of digital advancements. At, the American company is striving to alter the way that people try and purchase new glasses. Along with implementing a prescription scanner that utilizes a smartphone camera to discover your individual eyewear needs, the organizations’ website also offers a virtual testing feature. Upon either uploading a picture or using a webcam, prospective buyers will be able to see the company’s diverse range of products on their own face. This allows for an informed purchasing decision that not only focuses on style but also self-care.

Technology for Head-to-Toe Shopping 

Away from the eyewear market, modern-day shoppers have an array of options at their disposal concerning fashion shopping. Much like glasses, shoes are now a focal point of technological developments, particularly from a convenience standpoint. Created by Wannaby, a Belarus-based company, the Wanna Kicks smartphone application has successfully intertwined AR and shoe shopping on both Android and iOS mobiles. states that users select a pair of trainers from a 3D model and then point the camera towards their feet to create a virtually-powered testing experience. Wannaby’s offerings have since grown, with Wanna Nails now allowing for nail polishes to be tested.

Forward-thinking technology has also revolutionized design plans among world-renowned brands. In April 2019, Puma unveiled their first AR shoe, the LCD Cell Origin Air. The concept saw the shoe’s pattern formed by scannable QR codes that presented numerous opportunities, including filters, games, and more

The Fashion Industry is Developing a Technology-Centered Outlook 

Ultimately, the above examples showcase that global fashion markets are changing following the advanced potentials of newly-developed technology. Throughout the next decade, it appears likely that AR will continue to establish itself as a core component of modern-day fashion developments. This comes as a result of ever-growing numbers of digital platforms placing accessibility and convenience at the forefront of their forward-thinking innovations.

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