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The Reliable And Trusted Cryptocurrency Exchanges Of 2022

Cryptocurrencies have become the newest trend, taking the finance realm by storm. Ethereum and Bitcoin are the two popular cryptocurrencies currently ruling the space. There are alternative coins, such as Dogecoin, which have gained a lot of attention as well.

The number of cryptocurrencies is increasing in today’s market, allowing investors to have a lot more options to exchange all their hard-earned funds for decentralized digital cash. But people always think twice before opting for something that involves.

This is mainly because the online platform is filled with the stories of hackers swindling the traders of their gains from cryptocurrency exchanges that are poorly protected. That’s why you must do a bit of research and learn about the exchange platform before choosing them.

You can opt for platforms like the bitcoin era to conduct all your cryptocurrency-related work. But apart from that, below listed are other exchange platforms that you should check out when it comes to cryptocurrency. They are:

1. Coinbase

This is the most well-known and reliable cryptocurrency exchange to ever exist on the internet. This is mainly because you can directly invest with USD, and you can easily buy Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and over 30 other tokens and coins on this platform. Moreover, you will also earn interest on the USDT and receive token rewards for completing numerous activities.

2. Voyager

This is another trusted platform where you can invest crypto with no hassle. Voyager is viewed as the first publicly traded exchange, and it’s completely app-driven. Along with that, the exchange also provides a commission-free exchange structure and supports all the popular cryptocurrencies. It also has good engagement and support and pays modest rates on the assets.

3. BlockFi

This is a trusted cryptocurrency investment platform, which enables traders to earn and lend interest on their holdings. Rather than selling the tokens and coins, you are free to borrow against the assets. But if you wish to hold the tokens, you can allow them to obtain the interest for you.

4. Uphold

This is another excellent exchange platform that offers simple solutions for trading multiple assets. Individuals can open up one account and then trade numerous assets with no hassle. If you have traded crypto before, you will surely know that many tokens and coins trade in pairs, for which you always go back to ETH or BTC. But here in Uphold, you can trade directly trade numerous assets. It has some exchanges, which enable you to trade DOGE, XRP, and many more.

5. Kraken 

This is an actual crypto trading platform and carries an excellent selection of tokens and coins, which you can invest and trade. Kraken also enables margin trading, and since it’s an original exchange platform, it’s not that simple to use like other platforms. It’s also one of the few exchange platforms where you can trade DOGE and various other risky tokens.


The internet is filled with many exchange platforms for cryptocurrency, but they are not created equal. The platforms mentioned in this article are some of the best, most reliable, and trusted ones. They will allow you to invest and trade tokens and coins effectively without experiencing any issues.

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