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The Importance of Big Data Analytics for Cybersecurity

In the present market economy, business data is one of the most valuable assets of any organization. It is with the help of this data that companies can succeed in today’s competitive world.

As so much data is produced on a daily basis, companies are facing cyber threats which they have been trying to deal with effectively. For protecting such valuable information, organizations are hiring big data analytics professionals who are working towards building preventative technologies, and also managed detection along with response service.

This is the reason why companies are constantly looking for individuals with great qualifications and who possess extraordinary knowledge in data analytics. Professionals holding data science certifications such as a big data analytics certification are high in demand today.

Advancements in technology have been extremely helpful for organizations to survive the capitalist market economy of this century. Privacy has become a major concern these days as a large amount of data is being collected from everyone who uses mobile devices as well as wearable technology.

What is big data analytics doing for cybersecurity?

By doing an in-depth analysis of the data collected, big data analytics, as well as machine learning, empowers businesses as they make it easy for people to identify of any kind of potential threats to the company’s integrity. Consequently, baselines are prepared with the help of statistical data that depicts abnormalities, if there are any.

With the usage of the collected data, business managers, as well as entrepreneurs, are able to make out if there are any alterations in the norm. Furthermore, by applying artificial intelligence along with machine learning, the stored historical data can be used to create latest predictive and statistical models as well as possibilities.

Monitoring employee activity

It is essential to keep an eye on the activities of your employees so that no issues arise in relation to the principles of the organization. Big data analytics has played a huge role in creating employee system monitoring programs to help companies in their pursuit of keeping a check on the behavior characteristics of insiders.

Many companies in recent past have faced integrity issues as a result of breaches related to the employees. To avoid such situations, both small, as well as big organizations, must not give them access to private information to all the employees. Only a limited bunch of staff members should be authorized to look into sensitive data.

Employees should be made to make use of their logins along with other system applications so that they only touch the data that they are permitted to. And to ensure that there are no cracks in the system, system administrators and human resources professionals will have to work together so that each employee receives a separate login specifics depending on their roles in the organization.

The popularity of intrusion detection system

It is very common for organizations to use multi-factor authentication, Firewalls as well as data encryption for security purposes. But with advancements in technology, now there are other precautionary measures that can be taken to make the security even tighter.

One way of doing it is by incorporating Intrusion Detection Systems that are extremely helpful in monitoring a company’s network or else systems to identify any malevolent activity and policy violations. For effective application of IDS, big data analytics is very important for providing information that is essential for monitoring an organization’s network. It is also useful in analyzing business requirements for making a more informed decision in relation to the deployment of an IDS.

Actions against cyber attacks

Big data analytics, as well as machine learning, can be deeply favorable for not just business organizations but also government agencies for taking actions against cyber-attacks. There is growing need for constructing defenses to combat sophisticated cyber aggression. It’s the time for Big data to advance further to avert cyber-attacks that are especially coming from insiders.

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Lucia Adams is a professional writer, blogger who writes for a variety of online publications. She is also an acclaimed blogger outreach expert and content marketer. She loves writing blogs and promoting websites related to education, fashion, travel, health and technology sectors.



  1. Troy

    May 4, 2018 at 3:35 am

    Data science can help your recruitment team make speedier and more accurate selections.

  2. Penelope Smith

    September 21, 2018 at 4:34 am

    This is some really good information about data systems. It is good to now that it would be smart to have something that will help you prevent against cyber attacks. If you own an online business that does seem like a smart to do.

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