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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Event Management

Companies, irrelevant of the industry they operate in, have taken to artificial intelligence quite earnestly, thanks to the virtually endless benefits they offer. Interestingly, a recent study found that 80 per cent of businesses have either already adopted or are actively working on the plan to integrate advanced artificial intelligence tools, such as chatbots, into their business by 2020. The same holds for the event management industry as well, i.e., that AI is a potent tool that offers the potential to be of highly valuable assistance.

Experts believe that the continued and persistent evolution of technologies, especially mobile apps and novel event-related solutions, coming together with the highly advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence present an overwhelming abundance of prospects for business owners in this space as well as the folks for whom they organize myriad events. Moreover, when one considers the fact that today attendees demand highly digital experiences that will not only improve the quality of their in-person engagements but also help them attain a better understanding of the event’s subject among other things. AI can help with all that and so much more. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the many ways AI stands to improve event management.

Planning: With tools like AI-enabled chatbots, event planners can help take off some of the blinding pressure on their teams. They are not only reasonably affordable to implement; they also provide a robust form of communication without requiring the company to get bogged down by the intricate details that are typically associated with full-blown event management apps.

Develop a charming visual identity: If you thought chatbots are the only AI tool that can help the events industry, you are mistaken. The market now also offers AI-enabled design services that allow event managers to create a highly gripping identity for the event, no matter the type of event you may be working on.

Better management: Yet another productive way to leverage AI in the event business is to use it to help attendees engage with others in the event via personal chats, thus significantly improving their experience. Moreover, if it is an event with far the number of attendees in hundreds or more, AI can help planners to pair attendees with others in the game based on shared common interests, experience, and more.

Consultant: An event planner’s job is NOT easy, for they also have to look for, shortlist, and then select venues, vendors, and more. It may seem simple to the layman, but trust us when we say that it is not as easy as it looks. To that end, AI can help by serving as a matchmaker of sorts — offering requisite recommendations based on the project’s requirements and other factors.

Online event planning software has already proven their mettle as an event planner’s most trusted ally. However, combine that with AI, and you open up a whole new world of opportunities to optimize operations and achieve different levels of business growth.

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