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The Impact of a Successful Digital Transformation on Productivity

All of you may have heard the term “Digital Transformation.” Almost all big and small companies are focusing on transforming their businesses digitally. IT teams are finding out new ways to achieve digital transformation. CIOs (Chief Information Officers) play an important role in reducing the gap between the IT team and other departments. Most CIOs believe that by implementing digital transformation initiatives, digital revenues of a company will grow by up to 37% in the next 5 years. According to IDC, by the year 2018, Digital Transformation will be at the center of 67% of Global 2000 corporate strategies.

Organizations can communicate with their employees, suppliers, and customers in a more effective way with the help of digital transformation. Hence, if the digital transformation is implemented in the right manner, then it can influence the daily based tasks of the employees.  The digital transformation cannot be achieved without proper collaboration. The CIOs need help and support of key stakeholders and leaders in all departments within the organization.

Digital Transformation Within the Business:

You can achieve the standardization of business practices by implementing successful Digital Transformation. This means that by executing the digital transformation, the whole organization will become more secure, sustainable, productive and efficient. Hence, the impact of digital transformation is for the long-term.

The digital transformation is a need of today’s world. The large, as well as small organizations, must transform their businesses digitally.  The digital transformation process allows businesses to modernize the way in which employees view, edit, share, and collaborate on documents. The first step of digital transformation is to eliminate the need for paper. The paperless office concept is not only cost-efficient, but it also helps in increasing the efficiency and productivity of work. The most important step in shifting to a paperless office is to choose the right document management system. Here, the “one fits for all” rule does not apply as every business has different requirements. You can choose the right document management system according to the needs of your business.

The best way of transforming your documents into digital format is to use good PDF software. The PDF format is famous due to its universality, security and easy sharing. Nowadays, there are many PDF editing software programs that do not only allow you to view and edit the files, but you can also convert the non-PDF files into PDF format. Such as for generating a PDF of a presentation, you can use PPT to PDF converter. Moreover, PDF also helps in archiving the files. PDF files consume less space; hence, you can archive the documents easily.

This format is searchable, so it saves time and effort but in the case of paper-based files, it is very hectic and time consuming to search the files from huge filing cabinets. Therefore, PDF is the best choice for digitally transforming your document workflows.

In this article, we have provided the points that how the digital transformation will help you in increasing productivity across all departments of your organization:


  • Standardize all document formats, including POs, invoices, as well as the expenses.
  • Instead of signing the documents manually, use an eSignature feature for invoice processing and audit sign-offs. There are many PDF software programs that are integrated with the eSigning feature.
  • Use PDF editing software for creating the fillable forms for PO’s and expenses.


  • Create a collaborative environment through simple annotation and version control capabilities
  • For getting quick event registrations and vendor approvals use eSigning methods.

Human Resources:

  • Digital transformation has made sharing easier. You can share the hiring and onboarding documents with new employees quickly and easily.
  • Use the eSigning feature for new hire paperwork and payroll forms.

Customer Success:

  • Use PDF format for updating the training materials, user guides, and terms and conditions. You can also generate PDF from other formats. For example, if the files are in Excel format you can use Excel to PDF Converter Online for converting the files into PDF.
  • Process self-service and cancellation requests at a faster pace.


  • Save all your legal documents including contracts, client data, and confidential information into PDF format as this format is secure as compared to the paper-based files.
  • By using the document management software, get a better response and compliance on IP licenses, patent applications and finance agreements.


  • Combine and amend all important business documents, such as floor plans, supplier agreement, and project management files easily and quickly.


  • Digital transformation will allow easy and quick collaboration which will help you in accelerating sales and productivity. Moreover, you can also review important documents like quotes, contract and PO’s in a quick manner.

Initiating the Digital Transformation Process:

A reminder that the first step in implementing a successful digital transformation is to reevaluate the current business strategies. CIOs and IT teams should not only mold the business strategies according to the digital transformation needs but they should also ensure the availability of all the important tools that are required to make the digital transformation smooth.

Even the small daily based tasks need keen attention when the company is going through the digital transformation process. Pay attention to the daily based tasks like document creation, printing, scanning, and sharing. The organizations cannot go paperless unless the employees are provided with the right tools that eliminate the need for paper. We will recommend you to choose the appropriate PDF software for your company which will help you in shifting to the paperless office system. The paperless office system is more cost and energy efficient. Hence, you can increase the productivity of your business by moving to the paperless system. Moreover, the paperless system is also environment-friendly as the less use of paper will result in saving trees.

We hope that this article will help you in executing the digital transformation process at your organization. You can also share your suggestions and experience of digital transformation journey in the comment box provided below:

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Shawn Mike has been working with writing challenging clients for over five years. His educational background in the technical field and business studies has given him the edge to write on many topics. He occasionally writes blog articles for Dynamologic Solutions.

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