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The ERP Industry Game Changer:Using the“New Version of Dynamics 365 Operations”

Ever since Microsoft introduced its latest edition of the Dynamics suites, the Dynamics 365, the company is gathering accolades from across the globe for the stunning additions that it has made in the new version. Microsoft 365 is not just a customer relationship management solution, but one version of the software also includes the ERP tool (Dynamics AX).

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is the new name of the Dynamics AX, and it is well integrated in the Dynamics 365. The collaboration of Dynamics CRM and ERP with additional features and functionality has given rise to its popularity and adoption.

The version of Ax prior to its integration with the CRM, Dynamics AX7 is undoubtedly one of the most noteworthy changes in the Microsoft Dynamics AX tool since it entered the market. The new technology enhancements and ease of client use as well as the fantastic deployment process is going to be a substantial game changer. The new AX is surely going to offer the popular ERP competitors quite a jolt. When it comes to the client application, it is basically run separately, and not with browser, unlike earlier. But Dynamics AX has got a lot of fresh add-ons when it comes to the features prospective! The base of functionality of the ERP solution has changed a bit, and it not going to absolutely similar like the old version.

But the most recent version, which is renowned as the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations has got a lot in store for the companies. Some of the groundbreaking features are as follows:

  • Advanced project management incorporation

A range of new templates will be present in the new Dynamics, which could be synced with the Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations along with the Project Service Automation through the Common Data Service. This feature is aimed to link the project management and resource handling tasks in PSA and project accounting in the section for Finance and Operations. Also syncing of estimates, contract lines, projects, contracts, milestones, actuals, activities, expense groups, expense reports, invoicing, and purchase orders is possible in this new addition.

  • Inventory calculating reason codes

Reason codes are also integrated in counting journals for a variety of Warehouse and on mobile gadgets just like, spot count, post counting journals, adjustment in, cycle count, threshold count, adjustment out etc.

  • Transfer each and every box one by one from pallet to pallet

An employee will be able to choose and transfer items between pallets present in the staging region, making sure that optimum transport with equalized pallets, and to fulfill the customer needs in terms of the height of every pallets. The employee will be able to review a plenty of items to be transferred with the help of the barcodes, and then scan and verify the license plates of those items that should be transferred to. The stocking of work will be recorded consequently.

  • Split load management

Single load or numerous loads would be loaded entirely or partly on trucks or any other transportation capacity. It won’t be essential to wait for any transport trucks or other transportation to come in order to generate the planning load. This will help the both with and without appointment planning. A plenty of workers would be able to load the same truck concurrently from the same load.

  • Bettered the layout designer

The layout design tools are also enhanced in order to align the POS button gratings, screen outlines, and printed/email templates. The employees will be able to smoothly switch from reworking on a particular layout to another without saving, closing or relaunching the designer. It will be much more convenient for the users to make or modify numerous layouts, and at the same time swiftly view the current designs.

  • Improved shipment confirmations

The work exception management, at the time of an outbound shipment confirmation will either permit or hinder the process of shipping low number of quantities than initially requested. As per the setup, the set under-delivery can spontaneously be lessened from the shipment.

  • Vendor collaboration

Supplementary features will be added to fulfill the requirements for public sector, something like the sealed bidding as well as the units for transferring bid outcomes on closed RFQ’s. A much solid state management will be included in relation to the customer/vendor improvement, in addition to the enhanced versioning of bids.

Overall analysis by Microsoft Dynamics Company, the latest Dynamics AX is filled with a plenty of new offerings for the companies in order to help them work more efficiently and productively.

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Ethan Millar - Technical writer at Aegis Softtech especially for technology and computer programming like, Java, Big Data, Hadoop, Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM since more than 8 years. Also having basic knowledge for Computer Programming.

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