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The Dangers of Using Prescription Stimulants to Overwork  

Many people view stimulants as a harmless way to stay up a bit longer and work a little harder. Prescription stimulants are particularly likely to be misused because many assume that anything that is a medication will not be too bad for them. People often get them from a friend with a prescription or just take an extra dose of medication from their own prescription.

However, stimulants do not just provide a little boost of energy and focus when you need to work overtime. There are actually many dangers associated with prescription drug misuse. People who regularly take prescription stimulants to power through long hours of work can end up suffering from these issues.

Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Problems

Even a single dose of a prescription stimulant carries a slightly higher risk of heart problems. This occurs because stimulants increase heart rate and blood pressure in an attempt to keep you feeling alert and awake. Repeated use of stimulants further compounds the risk. Those who have been abusing prescription stimulants regularly are more likely to have heart attacks, strokes, and cerebral hemorrhages. The chances of getting these potentially fatal cardiovascular conditions is much higher if you are taking very strong doses of stimulants.

Potential for Addiction

Most people who use stimulants to work a few extra hours in the day view it as a harmless, occasional event. Unfortunately, stimulants are surprisingly easy to get addicted to. If you end up misusing the stimulant for several days in a row, you might find that you still crave them even when you do not need to work. Those who develop a dependence on stimulants find that they cannot function or feel normal without stimulants. If you suddenly stop using stimulants once you are addicted to them, you may find yourself feeling exhausted, feeling depressed, and struggling to sleep properly.

Higher Rates of Workplace Accidents

Those who are abusing stimulants to stay awake in dangerous workplaces are far more likely to suffer from accidents. No matter how many pills a person takes, their body eventually reaches a breaking point where it cannot function due to exhaustion and excessive stimulants. When the brain is exhausted but unable to refresh itself with sleep, a person is more likely to make mistakes. People driving trucks, working with chemicals, or lifting heavy loads may end up injuring themselves or others if they end up in a workplace accident.

Hallucinations and Delirium

Overuse of prescription stimulants can alter the brain enough to cause confusion, delirium, and even hallucinations. People may have manic episodes where they see things that are not there or believe that bizarre events are happening. These side effects can contribute to dangerous workplace accidents, or they can lead you into situations where you do unwise things. In a professional workplace, beginning to exhibit noticeable signs of drug abuse like hallucinations could have a negative impact on your career. Instead of helping you get ahead at work, stimulant abuse may end up ruining your professional reputation.

Abnormal Behavior

Stimulant abuse is associated with a wide range of abnormal and bizarre behavior. While using stimulants, people may become aggressive, easily irritated, or paranoid, and some get very anxious and begin to have panic attacks. Once you start withdrawing from the stimulant, you may feel severe depression. These sorts of behavioral swings can put you in harm’s way, and they may alert others to the fact that you are abusing medications. If you continue to abuse stimulants, you put yourself at risk for mental health conditions like depression and anxiety disorders.

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