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The Coolest Features of Samsung Galaxy Note III

samsung galaxy note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note III is currently the hottest topic of discussion in the smartphone industry. Samsung has recently showed off the newest offering in the IFA event. Note III is making an entry into the market with a massive 5.7 inch full HD screen and is built using the same chassis that is used in Note II. It’s not the hardware of the device which is impressive but also the software features. Following are some of the coolest features of Samsung Galaxy Note III.

Pen Window

You may call this feature as an extension of the floating app framework of Samsung. It allows you to overlay a floating app and adjust it to any size. After choosing the Pen Windows from air command, the S Pen feature is used for drawing a box anyplace on the screen size. Even though not many apps are supported in this feature, but majority of them including the first party apps of Samsung works absolutely fine. You can move around, close or minimize the floating apps in small circles.

Improved Multi-Window

In Note II, Samsung has introduced a new Multi Windows, which was copied to other devices including Galaxy S4. This window allows the users to create two movable panes on the screen so that the users were able to run two apps at a time, thereby allowing greater multitasking. However, Note III is a further step ahead as it not only allow running two instances on the same app but will also allow the user to share content between them. You can use this feature for comparison of documents and copying the content simultaneously. Some of the apps will need to be tweaked to allow this functionality as not all app work on Multi Window.

Action Memo

This is available for Air Command Popup and allows the user to add note quickly. There are so many ways to make note taking apps which is very connectivity to access. This feature allows you to take handwritten content and also run handwriting recognitions on to so as to convert the data into a readable format.

You should look out for cool Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note III features online.

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