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The Common Travel Mistakes to Avoid in India

There is no denying that India is one of the best places to travel to if you want to experience a robust culture, see wonderful attractions and interact with some of the most wonderful people in the world. Every year, thousands of people go for expedited passport renewal purposefully to take a trip and enjoy what India has to offer. In as much as everyone headed to India would love to have a wonderful experience, some usually don’t end up with the experiences they had anticipated.

Though there are certain things that are completely inevitable and beyond anyone’s control, there are a few other experiences people get due to the mistakes, omissions or commissions they make when they travel to India. Consequently, if you desire to have a great experience in India, then you must watch out to avoid those things that may make you have a nasty experience. Below we have a look at some of them-:

Drinking bad water

Getting sick when traveling to any place is a prerequisite for having a bad experience. This is not to mention how uncomfortable it can be for you to start seeking medical services in a foreign country. In India, the first thing you must avoid if you don’t want to fall sick is to avoid drinking water. Unfortunately, India is not ranked as one of the places with the best drinking water in the world, and it is a fact that they face a number of hygiene challenges. As such, don’t drink directly from the taps and always stick to bottled water, whose seals haven’t been broken. The same goes for ice you use on your juices, shakes or hard drinks.

Paying a lot for transport

There are lots of travel scams in India, and the transport system is a major victim when it comes to this. If you ask for transportation and you pay exactly the ask price, you will be paying too much, as some of the operators are fond of increasing the actual rate by up to x10 to make a killing. With others, still, you could be quoted the night time price, yet you are traveling during the day.

To avoid getting scammed in this manner, you should never pay what they ask you to pay. Additionally, don’t ask the operators about the rates first. Ask in the restaurants where you eat about the likely rates to the places you want to go to. Since you have bought from them, they will be more open to giving you fare rates so that when you face the operators, you already have in mind what to expect.

Not being ready for the noise and the crowds

India is a populous country with a lot of people. There will always be a movement of people at almost all times of the day, and as such, you can also expect the noise levels to be very high. If you are traveling to this country, therefore, be prepared to get used to the noise and crowd and if you don’t like that, be sure to find a way of surviving, such as using earplugs or headphones to avoid the noise. However, there is no way for you to avoid the crowds, unless you choose to travel in the interior where it is quieter and more peaceful.

Not having a good budget

India is a relatively affordable country, but not a cheap one. Of course, there are endless articles telling you all the things you can do with a $10 budget in a day, but in as much as you could possibly do all those things listed, you will be a very miserable visitor in India. If you want to be safe, you should at least set aside $15 per day. Additionally, if you know you are on the budget, then you must be very picky about where you eat. Just as it is easy to find food joints for less $3 per meal, it is equally easy to find yourself in a joint asking for $30 per meal. If you don’t check the rates before you start digging into your food, don’t be surprised if the meal turns out to be very expensive.

Planning the visit at the wrong time

If you are going for expedited passport renewal with the purpose of traveling to India, then it is imperative for you to check the dates and get them right. Just like most countries in the world, India has to change seasons and there are certain places you may want to avoid during certain seasons. For example, being in Calcutta during Monsoon should be avoided. In the same manner, you may freeze if you go to Rishikesh in the month of December.

Trying to fit everything in one visit

This is a mistake committed by many travelers all around the globe. With the vastness of the country and diversity of the attractions and culture, never make the mistake of trying to see everything in India with just a single visit. You will end up tired, exhausted and you will not have the time enjoy each experience uniquely. Therefore, just pick on a few experiences you need and be sure to allocate a good time for all of them. If you feel that you haven’t seen much or done a lot, just plan another visit during another time. But don’t ruin your experience by trying to see and do as many things as you possibly can with just one visit.

Not asking for less spice

One thing you have to know about Indian food is that they are very spicy, and most visitors prefer to put up with the food, even if it is a real struggle for them to eat it. You should know that there is no shame in asking for less spice when ordering your food. Even some of the locals can’t withstand the spices and will always ask for less spice. Therefore, don’t entertain a food you aren’t enjoying simply because you can’t ask for less spice. Remember, if you are paying for it, then you have a right to ask for less spice and they will gladly do as you want.

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