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The Cheapest Ways to Transfer Money Internationally

I was once asked how to send money to Mexico by a traveler. However, you don’t have to go to Mexico to learn the following as long as you are interested in finding the cheapest ways to transfer money internationally. Indeed, when you want to send money around the world, you should research different methods that will help you save money. Each of the options below will make money transfers easy. However, you should consider which method might work better for the recipient. Some people are transferring money to remote parts of the world, and you must think about how the money will be retrieved, how much you must pay, and the exact exchange rate you get.

Wire Transfers

When using wire transfer, you must check the exchange rate with the wire transfer company. The wire transfer company has an exchange rate posted that you can read before visiting the office. If you are transferring money online, you can check the exchange rate on the site before completing the transfer.

Check the transfer fee, and ensure that you can transfer to the country you need without spending even more money. Some countries are subject to extra fees, and you might need to shop around before making your decision. Some companies charge a fee for the transfer, and other companies charge a percentage fee to transfer money. You must calculate these fees to make sure that you are not paying too much.

Wire transfer companies can dispense cash when the recipient comes to the office in their country. You might ask the company to dispense the local currency, or you could ask for American dollars. Several countries around the world are safe havens for American dollars. Also, you must find the exact office that your recipient will visit. Some offices might be located in remote or dangerous places, and you should ask your recipient which office they want to use.


If your bank has a branch in the location where you plan to send money, you could have the branch provide a cashier’s check to your recipient. You could transfer money from your account to someone else’s account online, and you might call the bank to ask if they can dispense cash for your recipient. Your bank might have a partner bank that will dispense cash or checks, and you must ask the bank branch about their fees.

Any Payroll Service

A payroll service is easy to use if you are transferring money to a foreign country. You could use this service to send money to an office that you manage. You can set up a business account that might give you favorable rates and fees. Plus, you can transfer money at any time because your office needs petty cash. Plus, you need to find a transfer company that allows you to save money if you are making multiple transfers per week.


When you use PayPal, you can send money to anyone around the world. You should sign up for PayPal so that you can send money to other people who also have a PayPal account. This is a fast way to send money to people who live around the world. You might need to pay a fee to send money to someone who is in a foreign country. However, you can set up transfers that the recipient can send anywhere. Plus, your recipient can use a PayPal debit card to make purchases with that money.

PayPal is a good way to save money when managing your business because you can quickly send your payroll checks anywhere. You can review a transfer log from your account, and you can transfer money at any time. Most of these transfers happen instantly, and that is why businesses use PayPal.

Additionally, you could pay your tour guide, vacation rental owner, or personal chef just before you leave for your vacation.


Venmo is a universal service that works from your contacts. You could use Venmo to pay anyone at any time. You can enter a phone number or email address when you want to pay someone. Plus, you can use a QR code to find a new contact. For example, you might pay someone back for a few drinks in a bar in Berlin because you scanned that person’s Venmo code. You could use Venmo to quickly send money to a friend, or you could use Venmo for purchases when you are traveling abroad.


Transferring money around the world is easier when you find a system that makes these transfers easy. Choose the system above that you think is best. You should set up a system that is simplest for you to use, and you can choose the company that helps you save money. You can comparison shop as much as you want, and you can compare exchange rates when you are concerned about how much money your recipient will receive. If you are paying extra fees, you should account for those fees when you send your money.

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