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The Best Long Range Indoor TV Antennas in 2020

You need a quality antenna to watch quality TV with. Make sure you’re getting the best one. Here are the best long-range indoor TV antennas in 2020.

Now that we’re all stuck in our houses for the foreseeable future thanks to COVID-19, sitting down and watching some TV is one of the essential ways to not become bored out of your mind. But what happens when your TV antenna gets disrupted? How long until you descend into Lord of the Flies-style chaos?

Ok, so it won’t get that bad. But how can you make sure you have a top-tier TV antenna to prevent any missed shows?

Well, funny you asked! We’re here to give you the 5 best long-range indoor TV antennas in 2020! So without further ado, let’s get started!

Best Long-Range Indoor TV Antennas: The Mohu Releaf

Are you looking for the antenna that serves as the perfect middleman? Then you’ve found your man with the Mohu Releaf, boasting a 30-mile radius but coming in more on the expensive side of antennas.

For bonus points, the Mohu Releaf has a strong focus on saving the Earth, built from recycled cardboard and cables to prevent unneeded waste. They even print the instructions on the box to prevent wasting paper with an instruction manual! What’s not to love?

Time to Give Amazon More Money

Amazon proves itself a strong contender in the TV antenna game with the AmazonBasics Indoor Flat TV Antenna. It’s got a range of 35 miles and a strong connection coupled with a quick set-up process. The price is nothing to sneeze at either, coming in at a reasonable average of $20.

For Those in Rural Areas

The prior antennas won’t cut it if you’re in an area further away from cities or major broadcast locations. If that’s the case, you’ll want to look at the Antop HD Smart Bar AT-500SBS.

It’s got excellent reception and a staggering range of 80 miles, but its blocky appearance can prove off-putting. If the install process is too much, you can always hire an antenna repair service.

Also worth noting is the price. which comes in at around $120. But if you need pure power and range, few do it as well as the Antop Smart Bar.

Don’t Have a Lot of Spare Cash? No Problem

If you’re in a financial pinch, the ClearTV HDTV Antenna deserves your attention. Going for as low as $3.39 at some retailers, the antenna is also small and easy to place in even the most cluttered of rooms.

Unfortunately, there’s a caveat to that kind of price. You’re sacrificing signal quality, though this antenna does have a max range of 35 miles. This antenna also can’t find some channels, meaning you’ll be out of luck if you need only a few channels.

Hey Bro! Cool Antenna

If you’re looking for an antenna with some stylistic flair, then the Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse is your man. With an awesome circular design and pads to stick to almost any surface, it’s sure to keep your TV setup from looking clunky.

The solid signal strength and a decent price tag of $40 (along with amplification upgrades) don’t hurt either.

The Best Signal in the Land

Congratulations! You now know what the top long-range indoor TV antennas are to ensure the best possible television experience! And hey, if you know anyone else looking for a better TV antenna, be sure to swing this article their way!

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