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The Absolute Best Ways To Find Online Coupons

We’re all trying to make every dollar go farther, but we often don’t take the same care to find every discount when we’re shopping online that we do at the local supermarket. Many of us constantly clip coupons out of the daily newspapers and online from ChameleonJohn circulars we read, but we often forget to look for coupon promo codes before we check out when we’re shopping online. There’s no reason to settle for only your credit card’s cash back or frequent flier miles when shopping online. Many E Commerce websites have coupon promo codes available that can save you big money if you just know where and when to look for them.


Here’s a handy guide to The Absolute Best Ways To Find Online Coupons:

Where To Find The Best Online Coupons

The retailer’s own websites are the number one place to find coupon codes. One unfortunate side effect of having so much advertising shown to us on the Internet is that we begin to tune it out entirely, and it’s easy to miss a site wide or homepage banner that has an online coupon code for 10 percent or more off any purchase on the site. A coupon code for free shipping is also often posted somewhere on an online retailer’s site, but can easily be overlooked.  Internet retailers usually offer discounts in the form of a short string of letters and numbers that you enter upon checkout, so be sure to make a note of any you’re entitled to, because they won’t be shown on the checkout page.

Coupon Sites

While 90 percent of coupon promo offers are still in print form, there are an increasing number of websites devoted to finding and collecting every online coupon code available at any given time, often for thousands of different retailers. That kind of volume of constantly changing online coupons can lead to many of the coupon codes going out of date before you even see them, but you can often find something in the most recent entries for many online retailers.

Email Alerts

Companies like to market to interested consumers instead of advertising to the general public, so signing up for Email marketing from companies you like will let you wake up in the morning with a coupon code in your inbox without even looking around. Beware ending up on too many lists, though, or your inbox will be swamped. Consider having a throwaway Email address just for mailing lists, and have it forwarded to your primary Email address. If things get out of hand, you can just erase your secondary address and start over.

Social Media

Companies are embracing social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so you can often find sales and giveaways advertised there that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Many retailers are interested in becoming more notable on these services, and they’ll often offer something of value for actions that cost you nothing, like a Facebook “Like.”

When All Else Fails, Pick Up The Phone

Most Internet retailers don’t have dedicated sales help on duty all the time, of course. Many use some combination of live chat or phones manned 24/7 by services that supply personnel that don’t work directly for any particular business. These customer service representatives are often given scripts and instructions to follow depending on what a customer is contacting them about. If you ask if you can use an expired coupon code, or for any available free shipping offers, or any one of many other discount questions, they’ll often offer you a substantial coupon code just for calling.

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  1. Kathy Mathis

    August 10, 2014 at 4:24 am

    I’m always on the lookout for discounts and sales. Being a woman, i believe, that comes naturally! 😛 And it’s pretty disappointing when coupons outreach their dates. I didn’t knew we could just call the retailer no, and extend its validity. Great tips!

  2. Dheeraj

    March 30, 2016 at 8:47 am

    I totally agree with this article. All of the above mentioned tactics are important to find coupons for having offers and discounts in shopping.

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